March 20, 2012

Sassy Suggestion: DIY Games!


This is a twist on a post we did in the past… Fun Games For The Bedroom. If these types of posts make you blush a little, you may want to skip this one. If you are all about spicin’ things up… read on. :)

Our friend Stephanie sent us a picture of a game HER HUSBAND MADE! Yep! Her hubby threw this one together on his own!! He took our idea of Chutes and Ladders {Foreplay Edition} and drew up his own game board. Then put all sorts of scripture references from Song of Solomon, Proverbs and Genesis that speak of intimate love and then ya know…they interrupted the game as they wanted to… it was a great way to make foreplay romantic and on the religious front, it can also help remind us that sex is holy!!! BTW-Cheating was totally allowed, too!!

Stephanie also made a Twister blanket {no clothes required} for the bedroom too! Such fun ideas!! Everyone should definitely have a Twister…er…baby makin’ blanket at home! ┬áThank-YOU Stephanie for sharing!!

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8 Responses to “Sassy Suggestion: DIY Games!”

  1. Sunshine Ray says:

    Ha ha! Love the idea.

  2. Erika Erika says:

    Fun! Definitely original.

  3. Nancy says:

    Some of the scriptures are hard to see. Could you list those for me please?

    • Wendy wendy says:

      Nancy- I hope Stephanie is reading these and can reply to you. I will ask her and see if I can list them, if not… here is my cry… Stephanie!!! Can you list the scriptures for us?

  4. Dena says:

    That’s awesome!

  5. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to try this! Hard to see the verses, but hopefully I can make them out enough to do some research and find the exact verses! Thanks!!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    Love this! Thanks for this great game! Oh btw I was able to make out all of the scriptures on the picture so here they are:

    Song of Solomon 1:2
    Song of Solomon 2:3
    Song of Solomon 2:6
    Song of Solomon 4:1
    Song of Solomon 4:4
    Song of Solomon 4:5-6
    Song of Solomon 4:11
    Song of Solomon 4:16
    Song of Solomon 5:11
    Song of Solomon 5:13
    Song of Solomon 5:15
    Song of Solomon 6:5
    Song of Solomon 6:11
    Song of Solomon 7:1
    Song of Solomon 7:3
    Song of Solomon 7:7-8
    Song of Solomon 8:2
    Song of Solomon 8:3
    Proverbs 24:26
    Proverbs 5:19
    Genesis 2:25

    Please correct me if i’m wrong. I wanted to know them as well. But since I could read them, I figured I’d help out. :)

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