May 8, 2012

Sexy Printables


Diva Disclaimer: We have ANOTHER great idea to “spice things up” in the bedroom.  If reading about stuff like this makes you blush ~ although we try to keep it tasteful and tame ~ you may want to skip this post.  For those of you always lookin’ for “intimacy” ideas….feel free to read on…

We’ve had several requests from our readers to have printables for healthy treats… and I couldn’t agree more! My husband is not a fan of candy or sweet treats, he loves to workout and eats very healthy. I really wanted to incorporate some healthier options with some sexy invitations for the bedroom. Wowza! I LOVE anticipation. I love to get my husband anticipating what’s going to happen later on that day so he has something to look forward to all day.


Print off these SEXY PRINTABLES and attach them to a healthy treat… then pack it in your spouse’s gym bag, in his/her lunch before work, or leave it on the seat of his/her car. Add to the excitement in your marriage by creating anticipation for your bedroom activities!


Muscle Milk


Beef Steak


Snickers Marathon Bar


Stride Spark Gum

Mojo Bar

For more fabulous Anticipation ideas, check out Kiirsten’s Anticipation: Half the Fun! Post.

Thanks for playing!

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7 Responses to “Sexy Printables”

  1. Mel says:

    I LOVE these printables! It’s perfect timing too, because my husband just started dieting. Most of these things are on his diet! Thank you!!

    • Kari Kari says:

      Yay!! Lol, I had too much fun thinking these up. My husband is a workout fanatic, so this was just perfect for him! So glad they’ll work for your hubby too!!

      • Lissa says:

        I think these are so awesome and soooo creative! LUV IT! I love that it’s a healthy treat that my hubby will actually eat but, I can’t get it to open at all, is there anyway you can email me the PDF to download and print? I’m not sure why I can’t open it :( Thank you in advance and thank you for sharing such an awesome, fun gift!!

        • Kari Kari says:

          Hi Lissa, so sorry for my delayed response! If you click on the “Sexy Printables” link at the top, it should pull up a new window (check to make sure your browser allows new windows or pop ups) then if you scroll to the bottom of the page a small window will appear giving you the option to print and/or download that file. Let me know if you still can’t get that to work and I can email it to you. Thanks!

  2. Elyssa says:

    Haha those are awesome! My husband is in training for the Army, so right now we are far away from each other, but only until the begining of june. I think I might mail him one every day for like a week before I get there… talk about anticipation haha

    • Kari Kari says:

      Oh my, that is a fabulous idea!! There is nothing like anticipation! So excited for your hubby to come home! I know that is so hard to have them away (I have 3 bro-in-laws in the military). Best wishes!

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