March 13, 2012

You’re One Lucky Leprechaun


Diva Disclaimer: We have ANOTHER great idea to “spice things up” in the bedroom.  If reading about stuff like this makes you blush ~ although we try to keep it tasteful and tame ~ you may want to skip this post.  For those of you always lookin’ for “intimacy” ideas….feel free to read on…

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It’s the luck of the Irish to find a marriage like yours! So let’s create a fun and exciting night for your hot leprechaun in the bedroom! Rainbows, a pot of gold, four leaf clovers, and plenty of green…(unless your sweetie likes to be pinched!) will make this a blarney stone fantasy come true!


Rainbow of Fruit

Make a platter of fresh fruits to keep your leprechaun’s energy up. Grab a platter and a variety of fruits then arrange them by color in a big rainbow (similar to this cute idea I found on Pinterest). Use marshmallows for a cloud at one end and chocolate gold pieces for the ‘pot of gold’ at the other end. Then mix green food coloring with cool whip and place a small bowl of that on your platter for dipping the fruit…or for finger painting on your spouse’s body (check out Kiirsten’s Go Picasso him for more ideas on that…). Then take your time feeding each other off of your fruit plate or find your own unique uses to make this a sensual intimate moment.



Create your own lingerie! Grab a pair of these green striped boy short panties and either write your own phrase on the back using black permanent marker or use t-shirt vinyl to make it look more professional. *Hint: The phrase “Follow Me To The Pot of Gold” would be super cute on the back!* Either way, this is a cheap and cute way to show your leprechaun a good time. If you have a little more cash to spend, then I would grab this fun St. Patrick’s Costume and be his sassy lil’ lassie for the night! Oh, that will make him feel struck by luck for sure!


Four Leaf Clovers Game

Leapin’ Leprechauns! We need a fun game to add to this night! Buy some four leaf clovers at the dollar store and write a variety of ‘activities’ on the back of them. Then tape them up to a wall in your bedroom or attach them to the headboard of your bed. Take turns picking a clover and doing the activity written on it. To make it even more interesting…split up the clovers between the two of you and each of you write down activities on your clovers. Then mix them up and hang them up. That way you’ll each have a say in what activities will take place…


Since St. Patrick’s Day only comes around once a year, be sure to make the best of it! Incorporate some of these sassy ideas into your evening or create a few of your own. Either way, be sure that your leprechaun knows how much you appreciate his gold hunting skills!

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10 Responses to “You’re One Lucky Leprechaun”

  1. Whitney says:

    I am lovin’ these ideas! My sweet husband and I have date night every Thursday night (we don’t have kids yet so it’s super easy to stay consistent with that). Since St. Patty’s Day falls on Saturday, I thought it would be fun to surprise him by planning our date night tonight as an early luck of the Irish type event.

    I write a note on a post-it and stick it in his lunch bag every day. Today’s said: “GET READY! The luck of the Irish is with you today and will bringing you some luck during date night tonight.”

    By following the plan from the “Taste the Rainbow Date” post a couple of weeks ago, I have prepared tonight to be quite similar (though I may now be incorporating some of the above ideas *wink, wink*). I’ve already bought the rainbow lingerie but today I thought about how cute it would be to have little rainbows leading to the bedroom… and instead of wearing rainbow, wear a golden color. Talk about a pot of gold! Haha – I might be doing that next year. :)

    Thanks for posting such awesome ideas! We’d love to have y’all guest post on our blog sometime. Have a lovely weekend, divas!

  2. Kari Kari says:

    Oh, Whitney! I love it!! Thank you for sharing!! I am seriously laughing about your ‘talk about a pot of gold’ comment. SO funny (and creative!!), I’m gonna use that on my man! And I love your blog, too!

  3. Whitney says:


    Last night’s St. Patty’s Day date was quite successful. :) The best part about it was that we put our phones on silent and snuck them away in a drawer. Our phones, the TV, – they are all such huge distractions in our marriage. With everything unplugged and put away, our candlelight dinner conversation was seasoned with grace, compassion and discussions about the things God is stirring in our hearts at the moment. Nothing is better than having a husband that speaks the truth to you in love.

    Thanks for checking out my blog! :)

    And thank you again for THIS wonderful blog – I’ve been sharing it with all of my married lady friends!!

    • Vanessa C says:

      Can’t wait to try these and soon. It doesn’t matter that St. Patrick’s is past right? ;)

    • Kari Kari says:

      Whitney – I’m so glad to hear it! Isn’t it wonderful to turn off all the distraction and just be in the moment together? I am also grateful for those moments with my husband when the phone isn’t ringing and we aren’t watching TV. SO happy for you to have gotten a lucky night alone! Thanks for you comments, and your blog is fabulous!

  4. Erika Erika says:

    Such a fun idea. My husband would love this.

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