August 5, 2011

Flashback Friday: August 2010


It’s August!!! And time to let all our new readers in on what happened on our website  this time last year… we had some fun posts!!

Our dates…

The Garage Sale Date! Totally a twist on yard sales for all you hard core yard sale’rs out there! Kristen created invites and then made a game out of it… Love it! And you will too! :)

The fun Amazing Race group date! This super date has awesome printables… and you are in luck if you are in the Salt Lake area… it’s all mapped out for you!!

The Rock Star Date! Love rock climbing?? Check out Erika’s super fun post all about “rocks”

 Since it IS that time of year again… check out the Back to School Date! Outdoors, fun games and great company!


Lookin’ Good…

Bridget posted the very famous smokey eyes tutorial… EVERYONE loved it… you will too!!

Remember this? The homemade bikini??? Do you have a favorite shirt you can’t part with…but you no longer wear??? Put it to good use with this tutorial sent in from a reader!! It is to-die-for-cute!!

There’s so much more too if you missed out last year! Check out our archive section on the right…

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2 Responses to “Flashback Friday: August 2010”

  1. Michelle says:

    Speaking of looking back, how can we get past passwords for protected posts? I just stumbled across your site and signed up. I got the one for August but wouldd like the watermelon as well and to look at any others.

    THANKS for the great site!

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