September 8, 2011

While You Were Sleeping


Our movie pick for this month is an oldie, but a goodie! We all love the romantic comedies, but we especially are fond of the movies that our husband’s will like as well! While You Were Sleeping is definitely among the “elite” movies in our opinion and is a movie worth watching over and over…and possibly even over again! Especially when you add in a few of the ideas we’ve listed below to make your movie night into a night of laughter and romance!

“I was going to marry him…”

  • One of my favorite all time lines from this movie is, “I was going to marry him…” Use this line to invite your spouse to date night! Text him the following, “I was going to marry him… I DID marry him!  Meet me tonight @ _______ for further details!”
  • Place an invite on your pillow in the morning in the form of a homemade train ticket that says, “While You Were Sleeping….I thought about how fun it would be to stay in, “LEAN” on each other, and watch a movie with you tonight.  Meet me_________”. In order to go on your date that evening you have bring the ticket with you to board the ‘train’ (aka: the couch). You can even punch holes in the tickets to make them ‘valid’.


Pay the Toll

  • In the movie, Lucy {Sandra Bullock} works in a toll booth where she meets her prince charming…or so she thinks.  Grab some tokens from a local Chuck E. Cheese or Dollar Store then sprinkle them around the “snack” table you put together for your movie night. Or play a fun token game from our Pirates of the Caribbean post (idea #3 under “Fun Wi’ Sea Dogs”).
  • Decorate your couch like a hospital bed. Get white sheets, blankets, pillows, and even have some fresh flowers on the end table. Grab your house robes and put them on backwards (remember to keep them open in the back {wink}) as if you are really in a hospital…then watch the movie together in your homemade hospital bed. Or dress up as his nurse for end-of-the-night fun!
  • For dinner make it Italian! Lucy has always wanted to travel to Italy (in fact she carries around her Passport in anticipation for the day it gets stamped!) so make your night Bella Notte! For some ah-mazing Italian recipes check out this Pasta alla Carbonara (from the Recipes That Make You Smile blog) or this Spaghetti alla Carbonara (from our dahling reader, Tamika, who learned how to cook in…where else? Italy!).   Thanks to both Lindsay and Tamika for sending us these fabulous recipes!
  • Lucy loves a certain hot dog stand in the movie…(and they always get her order wrong, lol!)…so if you want to make dinner a quick & easy outing, go to an outdoor food vendor nearby to get your grub!

Get on the Tracks!

  • Since they meet at the train station, take a train (or Trax) ride together earlier in the day to a restaurant for lunch. Then return home and take an afternoon nap together. If you don’t have a train near your home, you can go for a trolley ride (most cities have these).
  • Call a local hospital and ask about volunteer opportunities. Plan your date around the volunteering! Go visit someone in the hospital and take some flowers or treats for them. Afterwards eat in the cafeteria.
  • In the movie, Bill Pullman’s character builds furniture. You can always refinish a piece of furniture you have already in your home together during the day or go shopping for a piece that needs a little bit of “love” from the D.I., Salvation Army, or second-hand store.
  • To end your night play the Ticket to Ride Board Game OR play “doctor” after the movie using a Kid’s Doctor Set.


Diva Movie Disclaimer:

 date your one’ purpose is to help other couples find ways to strengthen and enrich their own marriages. This post is not an intended endorsement of the movie herein .  These date ideas are designed to find positive and innovative ways to connect with your spouse and can certainly be used for another movie of your choice. The movie industry tends to glorify many views that we do not particularly agree with or advocate. Unfortunately, nowadays, Hollywood doesn’t quite seem to value marriage the way we do.  Please take these ideas and put them to use in a way that fits your circumstances.

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4 Responses to “While You Were Sleeping”

  1. Krista says:

    This is my favorite movie. Ever. Thanks for the fun ideas!

  2. Mel says:

    I LOVE these ideas! “While You Were Sleeping” is one of my fav movies! My husband usually falls asleep watching it, but these ideas should keep him awake! Thanks!

    • Kari kari says:

      Oh yeah, these ideas will definitely keep him awake! Haha, my husband falls asleep during romantic movies too — so know where you’re coming from! Let us know how your date night goes! Hope he loves it1

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