April 4, 2011

Our Love Is Timeless


We are soooooo excited to finally do an ANNIVERSARY WEEK!  Yep, that’s  right!  Every post this week will be dedicated to anniversaries!  We are kicking it off with a FUN anniversary date that you can do no matter how many years you have been married!

We usually GO on the dates and then tell you all about them…..but since my next anniversary isn’t until June….I haven’t actually gone on this one yet.  {Gulp….nobody better spill the beans to my husband!}  There was a LOT of collaborating of ideas on this one….so I have to give a big thanks to my fellow divas and an even BIGGER thanks to our dear friend, Aileen, who created each and every one of the printables in this post!  She is a DOLL!!  Have any of you checked out her shop yet??  {Lil’Buckaroo}  If not…it’s a MUST!!  I seriously just gave her the idea/info and away she went with her genius creativity! :)

Alright…..onto this SUPER fun date that I can’t wait to surprise my sweet husband with…this summer….so SHHHHH! ;)  Here is the THEME behind this one…

“In time all things grow old and weak, but my love for you only grows stronger and better with every second of every day.”




The Invite

I just LOVE invitations.  I think it helps keep the anticipation/excitement alive……AND then your spouse has something to look forward to that night!  Remember when I created a ”Magazine for My Man“??  Well, that was where a little of this inspiration came from….the rest came from fellow diva, Wendy!!

Doesn’t it look JUST like a real TIME magazine??  Just double-click on the image below to get the FULL size, right-click on the image and save it to your desktop, print it onto white cardstock, and adhere it to any old magazine you have lying around. 

When your sweetheart opens up the magazine…..SURPRISE!!

We have TWO printables for you to print off, just attach them to the first two pages in the magazine. There will be a spot to put a picture of the two of you on the “Frame” one AND an invitation to your amazing anniversary date later that night.  You can print both of these “inserts” for your OWN magazine.  There is a generic invite (pictured above) or one where you can fill in the “What”, “Where”, & “When”. 

Print your OWN Magazine “Frame” HERE!

Print your OWN Magazine “Generic Invite” HERE!

Print your OWN “Personal Invite” HERE!

I am going to have the magazine lying next to his breakfast.  If that’s not an option for you… you can place it on the seat of his car, on top of the clothes he is wearing that day, on the bed…..ANYWHERE he will be sure to look before he is out the door that morning.  :)


The Decor

If you are going out on the town for your anniversary….then you can skip this part….BUT…if you are staying in for the evening…decor is a great idea as it always helps to set the mood.  Here are some suggestions…..look around your house and see what things you have that actually represent your wedding day!!  I was so surprised when I tried this out!  I knew we would have a ton of pictures but I was suprised to find some of our actual place cards that my sweet Maid of Honor made for our Wedding Dinner!!  {LOVE you, Kiirst!!  P.S. I just barely found the “secret” note you wrote inside!  So sweet!  THANK you!!}

 If you still have your wedding dress, drape it in a corner of the room in which you will be spending most of your time that night.  Use it as the “cloth” to put your other items on….add in his tux (or just one of his suits from the closet), pictures, your wedding shoes, wedding albums, your invitation, jewelry you wore, and ANYTHING that would remind the two of you of that special night….including your wedding colors!

Another idea would be to focus on the “TIME” theme!!  Gather clocks & watches you have around the house and create focal points with them.  Add in candles {for the romance}, pictures {to bring back memories}, and DON’T forget to throw on some romantic music before your spouse walks through the door!!

 Other Ideas:

  • You could make paper clocks to hang from the ceiling and you could also draw (or print off the Internet) larger clocks to go underneath your dinner plates….and use clear plastic plates.
  • Decorate with cute antique or old fashioned stuff….anything to make you think of the past.
  • You could make placemats by collaging a bunch of photos together (one per year you have been together).  It would definitely make for great conversation!  Reliving your wonderful memories!
  • You could use the time capsule (see below) as your centerpiece….and over dinner discuss what you would like to put in it.
  • Candles, Candles, AND MORE CANDLES!!!  {Super, super romantic!!}
  • …..rose petals…whether fake or real….these are always super romantic!


The Dinner

 OK….the food part always throws me off because I am NOT a cook!  When my cute friends give me dinner ideas…..that would probably take them 1/2 hour….I cringe because I know it would take me about 2-3 hours!   {I am one of those “exact measure-ers”!}  Yes, I have attempted home-cooked meals for my husband on our anniversary (when it’s my turn to plan it)….but this year I decided to focus on a certain memory and have us relive it!  So….this year we will be going “back in time” to…..

 Oh my goodness – have any of you ever been there??  That was a fabulous memory involving roses, a surprise concert, a surprise trip, a loving man, and blissful joy….on my part!  We haven’t been back since!  Perfect place for us to go for our next anniversary!

Here are some other ideas for your dinner:

  • FAST FOOD….so you don’t waste any time moving onto the next part of the evening….{LOL}
  • Recreate the very first meal you had together.
  • Prepare your spouse’s FAVORITE meal.
  • Celebrate ANY “first” – the first time you ate Chinese, the first time you went to a certain restaurant, the first time you made a meal that became his favorite, etc.
  • T.I.M.E. = Tonight I‘m Making Enchiladas!! {Or insert any other “play on words” you can think of….}
  • Check back on WEDNESDAY for some great food ideas!  :)  



Anniversaries are meant to be special.  It’s a celebration of the years you and your sweetheart have spent together.  A look back at the memories that you have created so far and a look towards the future and creating many more special memories!  The PERFECT activity to do?  Create a TIME CAPSULE together! 

What to include in your Time Capsule??

  • A snapshot of that very night!  I would actually take several….and be GOOFY in some!  You are creating a memory just by celebrating your next anniversary….made it memories that make you smile when you think of them!
  • Give each other 15 minutes to write a love letter to each other.  DON’T read them!  Seal them up…and put them in!
  • Create an “All About Me” quiz for each other….”What is your favorite color?” “What is your favorite food?” “What do you see happening to us in the next ten years?”
  • A burnt CD of your favorite songs.
  • Newspaper clipping from that day’s newspaper…some of the “FEATURED” stories.
  • Each of you can put one of your favorite items in there…that has meaning.
  • A photo of your house! {I would take pics of the inside and outside.}
  • Each of you can write down 3 goals you would like to achieve….and hopefully you will have achieved them by the time you open it back up!
  • A picture of your children and/or pets……whoever lives with you.  :)
  • Each of you can include 1 item that demonstrates how you feel about your spouse.
  • If you can think of anything else that would be neat to include….please leave it in the comments. Thanks!  :)

Print the FRONT of your Time Capsule HERE!

Print the BACK of your Time Capsule HERE!

Print the top & tag for your Time Capsule HERE!

{I just purchased the largest “paint can” at Michael’s Arts & Crafts.  The printables will need to be trimmed a tiny bit.}  After we finish our time capsules….or at least finish what we can for the night…I am going to “pretend” to put in a fun movie….maybe “Back to the Future”….or if you wanted to do this and get “mushy”….you could pretend it was “Somewhere In Time” or “The TIME Traveler’s Wife”…..and really slip in…

YOUR WEDDING VIDEO!!!  :)   If you are trying to think of other things to do on your special day…keep reading…

 Other Ideas:

  • Play a “Match That Memory”.  Create a matching game….use a deck of cards and on half put a picture representing a memory you and your spouse had….on the other half write the actual text/memory that goes with the picture.  {I think I am actually going to do this one!}
  •  Sit down & think of a few fond memories throughout your marriage OR on your wedding day and then try to think of what time of day they happened.  {For example – 7:00 A.M. the morning after your wedding…you had breakfast in bed together, etc.}  Choose 3-5 and recreate those memories. You could accompany each with a note reliving that memory.
  • Put together a simple treat, note, fun surprise….and every hour…on the hour….give him one of them.  :)   If he is going to be at work all day then you can either get one of his co-workers to give the items to him OR put them all in a box with strict instructions for him to only open one per hour.  You could even send him texts…and everytime he gets a text, he will get to open a surprise.  :)
  • If you wanted to add to your TIME magazine invite….you could create 1 page representing each year you have been married.  You could put 1-2 memories from that year on each page.  You can keep this and add to it in future years.  :)
  • Send your spouse 10 emails or texts throughout the day (on the hour) letting him know why you love him!
  • Celebrate what makes YOU a couple…bring out the photo albums, share diary entries of when you met or when you wrote about each other, etc.
  • Take the major events that have happened since you have been together & make a presentation/letter/story…this would be a celebration of your married life!  Your OWN “married autobiography”….which you could add to each year!
  • Make sure your camera is on hand so you can capture THIS special night as well!
  • Make a little game and call it “Back to the Future” where you write a list of favorite memories and then see if your hubby memory matches yours.


The Dessert

 We will be posting some great dessert ideas on Wednesday as well….but can I just say that to me….chocolate-dipped strawberries just SCREAM anniversary?!?

….but this year….I am loving the idea of a WHOLE basketful of goodies!!  Imagine…a WHOLE basket of anything and everything yummy your heart could desire…..*sigh*…. That’s what I will be putting together!  :)

Other Ideas:

  •  You could eat the dessert you served at your wedding!
  • Make ANY dessert & present it with a note that says, “It’s About TIME!”
  • YOU be the dessert, dah-ling! Bring all the essentials to top your body off…possibly even decorate yourself with chocolates, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries. He has plenty of TIME to find the dessert he’s been craving…  {This was word-for-word from another diva who shall remain anonymous….but this CRACKED me up and I had to include it!}



Ummmm…Hmmmmmm…..this is YOUR area to figure out!  This is where I draw the line!  Haha..  BUT – I can direct you to our Intimate Moments section where you just may find a few ideas to spice up the REST of your evening…..OR…..you could check out Thursday’s post for some ideas for THAT room!  :)

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Recent Comments

18 Responses to “Our Love Is Timeless”

  1. Sandi says:

    TARA!! AWESOME!!! My anniversary was last month so I get almost a whole year to decide what to do! Thank you soooo much for these amazing ideas; we never know what to do for our special day, but now I’ve got TONS of ideas to last for a few anniversaries!!

  2. Joanne says:

    These ideas are awesome!! Our 5 year anniversary is in 2 months and we are going out of town so I’ve been trying to find ways to make it special and personalized… but I couldnt think of any. Now I have plenty of time to put something together at home and bring it with me! I’m soooo excited! Thanks so much!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love your ideas!

    We just celebrated our first anniversary a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I have been in different states for half of our first year, sadly, because of a job assignment, but he did come home for our 1st anniversary.

    We started the day with breakfast at the beach, at a restaurant right next to the hotel where we spent our wedding night. We sat and ate and talked and dreamed and planned….it was so perfect. In the afternoon, he (unfortunately) had to take some business calls, but that evening, we went out for a wonderful romantic dinner at …The Melting Pot! LOL! I was laughing when I saw that in your post! I wore my wedding shoes, and we exchanged our gifts.

    Because we are living apart until June, I wanted to give him something that we could share no matter where we are, so I named a star for us, Lance and Lindsay for Eternity, and gave him the framed star certificate with the coordinates of “Our Star”.

    He gave me a customizable Monopoly type game, where you create your own properties and cards by adding photos and your own property names, etc. He thought that we could build it using our shared memories and our own memories from growing up (we grew up 45 minutes apart, going to many of the same places as kids, but never met, as far as we know, until 3 years ago!) It was such a romantic gift!

    I LOVE the time capsule! I am going to do that, even though our anniversary just passed. I am going to send it to my husband to add things that he remembers from our first year, and then I will do the same and then we can save it for our future selves. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Stephanie says:

    This is so fun. Our anniversary is actually April 17th so I am excited for ideas. Cannot wait to see all your ideas. Thanks!!

  5. Kristen kristen says:

    ooh! I LOVE how the time capsule turned out! so freaking cute!
    Great post Tara!

  6. Nicole says:

    My anniversary is April 18th so I am looking forward to all your anniversary ideas. I really like the time capsule idea.

  7. Kasi says:

    I love this! Our year anniversary is in June. & I can’t wait. I love love love the time capsule idea. Super cute!:) Just one question, did you use cardstock paper for the time capsule. Was it harder to glue on? Or did you use something other than glue?:)

  8. Marie says:

    This is a great idea! Our anniversary is 2 days after Christmas so we rarely feel like going anywhere or exchanging gifts. The time capsule will be perfect and I have 8 months to brainstorm what to put in it!

  9. Keri says:

    I love this site! For the awesome time capsule, I was thinking of getting sheets of sticker paper to do the printables….I’m hoping that will make it easier to get the printables to attach and stay.

  10. Leanna says:

    I am trying to finish my TIME magazine today!! I need help!! How can I change the features on the Printable invitation so I can erase what, where, etc? I just want it blank so we can write memories of the past year!!

  11. La-Shana Francom says:

    I finally got to do the time capsule for my third anniversary on August 2nd. I am so happy with it. I loved making & filing out the About Me questionaire, it will be fun to read back on and the letters we wrote to each other! I also suggest that if you go out to eat to take a picture of your food (forgot to do that) and to put your receipts from that day in the capsule. Thank you for coming up with an idea that doesn’t get done very often. We are planning on opening ours in seven years when it’s our tenth anniversary and then plan on doing it every 5-10 years! Thanks again!

  12. DaphneB says:

    What a fantastic idea!!! I’m using the time capsule as a wedding gift for my brother-in-law and his new wife-to-be. I’m going to fill it at the wedding-I was going to grab some flower girl petals, paper napkin, other little things from the wedding along with newspaper clippings-and leave space for them to put their own little mementos in it.

  13. Lisa says:

    I am working on a time capsule for our first anniversary and I am making a slide show that includes a lot of the pictures of different outings we have had over the past year and set it to our favorite songs.

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