July 16, 2010

Join Us On Twitter & Facebook…. & Blog Frog!!


Yep!  You heard us…the divas “facebook”…
…and we even TWEET!  :)
Oh yeah….and we *BLOG FROG*!!

What on earth is Blog Frog?!? {lol}
That is EXACTLY what I said when I first heard about it!!
It is an online community where we can chat with our readers!  :)  You can click HERE to be sent to our community or you can join by clicking on the Blog Frog icon in our right-hand bar.   We just started our VERY own community in which we have discussions about blogging, families, life, and of course….our AMAZING spouses!  :)

We just realized that we never shared those three very important facts with our loyal blog readers who have been with us from the beginning! So SORRY!  You can follow us via Facebook & Twitter by clicking on those icons on our right-hand sidebar as well!  We also have some exciting changes coming to our little ‘ole blog!  We are hoping to transition into a website soon…within the next few months and to celebrate – we will be offering our first BIG giveaway!

You’re dying to know more, huh!!

…well, you are just going to have to wait…but we PROMISE…it will definitely be worth it!

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One Response to “Join Us On Twitter & Facebook…. & Blog Frog!!”

  1. Megan/Brassy Apple says:

    Just found you on Twitter! :) I'll be following your tweets.

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