November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hopefully you are all having a wonderful day with your family celebrating ALL of your blessings.  We, the divas, have SO much to be thankful for and we thought we would share a few with all of you!


#10 - Our NEW addiction – PINTEREST!!  Ummm…yeah….we seriously might need to start going to counseling over this fabulous new website.  Gulp!!

#9 - Free Printables.  ANOTHER guilty pleasure of ours….now you can see why we try to offer a ton on our site.  We are hoping to start a new movement among all the other websites.  :)

#8 - The snooze button.  We LOVE our sleep!  Having had a few “Girl’s Weekends” with all of us together….I can definitely say, we are ALL about the beauty sleep….and sleeping in!  {Let’s face it, not much of that happens when most of the divas have cute little toddlers waking up at the crack of dawn!!}

#7 - Cell phones!! We are so busy all the time that multi-tasking is a must!  Who knew we could fold our laundry, watch a favorite show, AND talk to a friend 10,000 miles away ALL at the same time!  Gotta love technology!

#6 – The knowledge that ALL photos in magazines are PHOTOSHOPPED!  Whew!  No such thing as “perfection”….we are ALL working on something!  :)

#5 - Laughter!!  Sometimes that is all that gets us through the bleary-eyed loooong Diva Marketing Conference Calls!  :)

#4 - Facebook…..that Mark dude was genius!  Thanks to him, we are SO much better with keeping in touch with our loved ones!

#3 - Lists!  {Ok, ok….so maybe this is just me!}  The satisfaction of crossing something off my list is SO rewarding!  Gotta have my daily lists going on….

#2 - Our amazing, supportive, {SUPER CUTE/GORGEOUS/HOT}, understanding, & loving HUSBANDS!!  We seriously could not spend the HOURS we  do on passing along all of our ideas to our loyal readers if we didn’t have the support of our husbands.

…..and the #1 thing we are thankful for is…….

#1 – ALL OF YOU!!  We’ve loved getting to know a lot of our readers through your touching emails & comments.  We honestly feel like we have our built-in “consulting team” with our Facebook Page!!  Any question we have, we just post it on our Wall….and voila – advice spills forth!  :)  Thank you for inviting us into your lives, for inspiring us in our own marriages, and for motivating us to continue on in the adventures of Blog Land.  We LOVE YOU ALL!!


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