February 4, 2011

Flashback Friday: February 2010


There have been SOOO many great ideas that have been posted in the past that we just DON’Twant any of our readers to miss out on….sooooo…..starting THIS month, we will be doing a “Flashback Friday” at the beginning of each month.  These posts will highlight some of the most popular posts from the previous year.  We hope you enjoy and get a LOT of ideas for continuing to “romance” your spouse!

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The Valentine Date

My husband & I take turns planning our “big” events….such as our Anniversary and Valentine’s Day.  Last year it was MY turn to plan the big “V-Day”….so I pulled out all the stops and “The Valentine Date” was the result.  It was a HUGE success and one I would highly recommend!


Hijack & Kidnap Him!

I absolutely LOVE the whole element of surprise in this date!  I am a FAN of surprises…I love it when Jamie keeps our date “agendas” a secret.  I think it’s more fun that way…which is why this date idea completely appealed to me!  :)  Kiirst’s super cute “kidnapping” note is adorable and her target shooting scheme cracked me up!


The Kindergarten Date

From Corie’s “Check Yes or No” invite to flying a kite to the YUMMY looking Monster Cookies…..this date is all about having FUN!  Taking time to sit back & enjoy each other while doing things you probably did as a kid!  With her inspiration stemming from a poem titled, “Everything I Need To Know…I Learned In Kindergarten”, you KNOW you are guaranteed to have a blast!


Discover A New Town

This date that Kristen put together is RIGHT up my alley….especially since Jamie & I moved to a new place not to long ago.  We have actually done this one and we had a BLAST!  This could even be a fun little family adventure on a sunny Saturday afternoon!  Pack a picnic basket, blankets, games to play in the car…..and CHECK out Kristen’s post for more info on how to pull off a successful l’il date like this one!

Goin’ To The Movies

Are there any movies that have just come out that your spouse is DYING to see?  Change things up a little and create a cute little “movie pass” for the two of you!  Place them on his/her pillow….or in a spot where it will be seen.  Little touches like that make a difference and the anticipation will make the normal “dinner & a movie” a little more exciting.  Check out THIS post to get a free printable to help you create your own pass a little faster.


The “Pep Rally” Date

OK…last but not least….   We KNOW the men all have a special “holiday” that is this coming Sunday…you know what I am talking about, right?!?  The much-anticipated SUPERBOWL!!   Even though this didn’t air last February….we thought that Kristen’s “Pep Rally” Date would be perfect for such an occasion!  Check out her ideas to make your football-watching experience that much more fun!


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7 Responses to “Flashback Friday: February 2010”

  1. Jackie Koll says:

    First, I want to say that I really love your site. It is so full of great ideas – several I am using the next few weeks between Valentines and My hubbies birthday.

    But, I also wanted to say that the site is super! slow. If I didn’t love it so much, I wouldn’t wait for it to load. I find that I go back to the “old” blog to look at items because it loads so much faster. (And yes, I have high speed internet and a computer that top notich!) I don’t know if there is something that can be done to impove that but it gets frustating to wait for stuff to load when I just want to look something up really quickly.

    Thanks :-)

    • Kristen Kristen says:

      Jackie, Thank you so much for your comment and concern. After launching our site we have had much more traffic than anticipated. Our web host is not able to handle the traffic making our site slow at times. We are currently in the middle of finding a new web host to make our site faster for everyone. :)

  2. I was just reading the Valentines Date post yesterday and it totally inspired all my Vday activities. I’m going to:

    -Put the Candy Gram on the bathroom vanity so my husband sees it first thing.
    -Make his favorite breakfast while he’s showering (french toast that I’ll cut into heart shapes and serve with strawberries)
    -Go out on a lunch date (getting out at night with a preschooler is a bit challenging)
    - Later that night, while I’m making dinner, he’ll go on the treasure hunt to find his gift.
    -Then after our daughter is in bed, I’ll make a fire and serve up a delicious cheese fondue dinner comprised of aphrodisiac foods to dip. And quick and yummy chocolate dessert (mug brownies) to eat in front of the fire while listening to our wedding cd.
    -Then we’ll “end” the night with rose petals and candles in the bedroom and a back rub for him.

    Thanks for inspiring me! I’m really impatient for Vday to get here! :)

  3. Jackie Koll says:

    Thank you Kristin – it is good ot know that it is being worked on and I’m not just going insane ;-) I’ve just had to shut the site down a few times because it is dragging so slow but I keep coming back :-)

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