August 8, 2011

Nerf Wars Date


 I love summer time so much and try to keep as busy as possible. I love to be outside and to play and so does my husband. We love to play games and get competitive. We make everything a competition and this date can be the perfect competition or laid back game. We decided to have a Nerf War Battle Date with some friends after having so much fun playing around in our basement with our children.

 We pulled out our Nerf guns to be part of the centerpiece on our table and planned a great night consisting of three different games.  The first game would require some sort of tag to keep track of how many times you were hit. The game I decided to use was much like the basketball game, “Horse”, where you keep track of letters when you miss. Only in Nerf Wars each time you are hit you would flip the letter and you would be out when you returned to the first letter again. Pretty easy and lots of fun. The only thing is that you all have to be honest about when you are hit which was no problem for us and it seemed to go by pretty quickly.

You can print the same letters that I used for the tags here.  When you print them off, cut them, glue them onto card-stock, hole punch, and put onto a clip. It is super easy and I finished them in about 20 minutes which including 4 sets for all of the couples.

 Some people chose to out them on their belt clips while others wanted to wear them around their necks. These tags held up really well while we all played 3 games of Nerf Wars. Of course my husband ended up winning this first game 2 of the times but I wasn’t too far behind. We enjoyed the hiding and running around in the house and backyard.

We told people to wear orange and yellow shirts or camo to go along with the theme. It was fun to get dressed up for the part. I think it puts everyone in the fun mood before you even get started on the date.

We also set up a target practice to see who could shoot the most accurately. I found this awesome dartboard on but you can also click here. This was a great part of the game because everyone wants to beat others but also try to do better then their previous score. 

 Our third and final game was a shooting range. The object was to knock over the blocks with your Nerf bullets. It worked really well and it didn’t take us long to figure out that you need to shoot low to knock over the blocks. Different people did well on the games throughout the night so it was a success.

We only left out finger foods to snack on so I decided to include orange and yellow foods. It worked out well and everyone picked at the food all night. Then of course we had water and lemonade to drink. It was the final touch to a wonderful evening full of laughter and friends. We are going to repeat this date again soon. Plus all the work is done, so I wont have to prepare much for the next time.

If you leave everything out for the next night, this is something that would work out wonderful with kids. I have little kids and we enjoyed playing all 3 games together and we all laughed and made a great night of it. We only adapted a little to make it appropriate so that is another idea for the night.

You could do this game in many different ways. One big thing right now is also Air Soft Guns and you can click here to get some to adapt to your own game.

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  1. Erika Erika says:

    This looks like SO much fun, Lisa. I may need to go invest in some Nerf guns…

  2. Mel says:

    I’m considering taking this up another and planning my husband’s 25th birthday around this group date. Anybody have suggestions on ways to make it successful?
    Melissa (dot) Mcdougal (at) gmail (dot) com

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