September 8, 2010

Remember When


10 Ways To Remember When You 1st Dated
(Lisa P. & Brent – in the “beginning years”.  WINK!)
1. Have your husband come to the front door to take you out on your date.
2. Remember to cuddle while driving because you always want to be close.
3. Find somewhere to go dancing together. Create the dance floor at home if needed and you can even put together a great CD or IPOD mix to dance to.
4. Play slug bug in the car with your husband. You will get started and won’t ever stop! When you aren’t together you won’t be able to stop thinking about each other because you will see that bug.
5. Re-create a first date. We have examples here and here on our blog.
6. Stand outside on the doorstep and makeout.
7. Play “your song” before you go to bed each night.
8. Recreate your first kiss.
9. Make a list together of the Top Ten Things that made you first fall in love.
10. Think back to something you and your spouse first used to do…then do it!
We all know that marriage changes the relationship, but it should be for the positive. Bring back the things that made you fall in love while you dated. You will bring a new energy when you try some of these things!

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5 Responses to “Remember When”

  1. Natalie | The Bobby Pin says:

    These are so sweet, I love them! Our first date was a quick dinner out to Outback Steakhouse… and now everytime I go there, I fall in love.

  2. Petersen says:

    Outback is a nice quick dinner! Memories make everything feel new and fresh. I would love to meet your man sometime.

  3. Kari says:

    These are great ideas girlies! Loving them – my hubby is sure going to be happy when I try these out on him.

  4. Cara says:

    I’m not a comment poster… but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea… LOVE IT.

  5. Lisa P. Lisa P. says:

    Thank you! I hope that you can find something that you can do with your spouse!

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