August 17, 2011

Glitter Pumpkin Mini Date


I love doing fun things for my husband but wouldn’t it be fun to do something for others that you care about as well?  We know we always do things around the holidays but what about just for fun? What if you could even make a date out of it and do something for others?  That is exactly what came into my mind when I saw this fabulous idea on No Fuss Fabulous.

Make a Glitter Pumpkin together for your centerpiece this fall.  Then make some for family, friends, or neighbors.  It is super simple and fast so it wouldn’t take all night, but you could deliver them afterwards for fun conversations with people that you enjoy.  Before you go, make cute little tags that read “falling in love” or “fall together” to let them know that you care.  Plus you have done something for other people that will make their night.

So click here to read how to make these cute little pumpkins! Then enjoy the night together with each other and anyone else that you choose.

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One Response to “Glitter Pumpkin Mini Date”

  1. Wendy Wendy says:

    Love it Lisa! I think these are so so cute!! Im going to check them out. :)

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