November 23, 2011

Football Treats & Friends


Most televisions are tuned to football games across the country during the fall and winter months. Most men love football and have to watch it every free minute that they have. Well at least my husband does, and the funny thing is that he doesn’t just watch his favorite team. Every game is important. Football is even a huge part of Thanksgiving as the men tend to be watching football while dinner is being finished.

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I love watching football as well, but I am only interested when a team that I like is playing, otherwise I don’t see the point in watching. But Brent doesn’t feel that way, in fact he even belongs to a pick em’ challenge online for all the different games.

Brent actually plans his every move around games that will be playing, so I decided I would pick a game that was coming up that I could invite his friends over to watch it with him. (This would be a *surprise* Guy’s Night!) That way he could enjoy the game with his closest friends and the best part about it would be that I would take the kids out and keep them away from the boys.  The guys could enjoy their man time without distractions from the rest of us.

Micah Folsom Photography

I even thought about making the evening better by making treats for Brent and his friends. What kind of football night would it be without something to munch on? Let’s just say that Brent enjoyed his night with his friends, in our house, without distractions. It was something so easy for me to do and I would even do it again for him.

For the invite try sending an ecard to your spouse to let him know that a football date with his friends is approaching. I had never done this before but it was a fun to pick out a funny card to let Brent know what was coming and he enjoyed getting this card sent to his email at work.

Click here for more ideas on how to make this Thanksgiving special.

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