January 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: January 2011


We have so many wonderful posts to look at from last January. I can’t believe it is already a new year. Here is just a highlight of a few of my favorites. Be sure to go back and look through more posts! Click on the title to see the rest of the post from the ones on the page.

Craft Tutorial: Cereal Box Book

I totally plan on making this for my husband soon. This is such a sweet and thoughtful present to make for your husband. It is so creative and it sure to make it to the top ten presents received. Lisa M. explains how to make it in her post and it is super easy!

Birthday Week: Presents

All of the divas pulled together for Birthday week last year and provided lots of wonderful ideas to do. Make sure that you go back and look through all of the ideas planned so that you can use the ideas without having to make up your own or just make your ideas more detailed.

Totally Awesome 80′s Prom

What a great date night! Of course this would take planning to pull it off but if you have time this would be a great date to plan for your husband’s birthday. It looks like it was a great night for Kristen too!

Tonight’s Going to Be a Good Night

Corie did this quick and easy idea to make your spouse’s day a little better. That is what makes your marriage better, the little things! Let your spouse know that you are thinking about them and care by trying this out.

Date Night: Dress Up

Date Night can be challenging to get ready for. So look at this post to get simple ideas on how to dress yourself up for that special date. Then get ready to enjoy your night out with your sweetheart!

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