September 10, 2010

Makin’ A Project Kid-Friendly


As a mom, when is there ever a dull moment???  Never, right?!  There is always a room to clean, a project to be done, kids to be fed…… know what I’m talking about!  My idea for today comes from the inspiration of our day-to-day doings!

We have lived in our house for about 2 years now.  When we moved in, I was pretty much as pregnant as could be.  We already had 2 lively girls who needed me for the daily this and that which didn’t leave much room for getting the NEW house ready for our family to get bigger.  Not to mention, I was put on hospital bedrest for the last 2 months of my pregnancy.  YIKES!!  Since then life has pretty much not slowed down.  Instead it has gone the opposite direction by moving faster and faster as the time has flown by.

Just this summer, I FINALLY found the motivation that I need to turn this house into what I always knew it could be and truly make it a home for us. (Thanks Mikki, for pushing me to get my butt into gear!)

We are just beginning to touch upon the ideas in my head and there is no better room to begin with than the front room.  Being summer and all, the older kids are home from school and days can get quite boring, to say the least.  Since I had all these “home” projects on my mind (along with the regular routine of each day) I haven’t paid as much attention to them as I would like.  So I came up with a plan!

I simply asked the girls if they wouldn’t mind helping me with a super-cool project.  Once they knew it involved painting…….ON THE WALLS……..they were totally in!

This particular project took a few days to complete.  We started off by heading to the local hardware store to get the wood I needed for the walls.  My friend, Mikki, and her kids helped us choose exactly what we needed! (I highly recommend taking a friend to the store if you are buying loads of wood and have five kids and only one set of eyes, better yet, take the hubby!)

Once home we had to prep the walls, which required a little sanding….OK, A LOT of sanding! It created quite the dust storm in our house.  Once it all settled, I thought why not have the girls draw in the the dust before the painting began……and that we did!!  They thought it was pretty neat to write things like, “I love you, Mom!” encased in a heart drawn by their precious little fingertips.  Here is a good shot of Maddy blowing the dust from the walls and one of McKenna writing on our kitchen table!

I then had all the kids help me clean up the mess, and boy was it a mess!  It was all over the floor, the windows, the carpet, the cupboards!!  Gotta love paper towels for cleaning.  Seriously though, give the kids a paper towel and they’ll go crazy!  Even the younger ones were intrigued and had fun wiping down the dust-covered kitchen!  I dare go out on a limb and say that this idea could work when you need any room cleaned…as long as you and your hubby are cleaning with them!  My kids ate it up!
Once the dust was out of the way, the painting began!  We made sure to paint around the younger ones sleep times, otherwise that could have been quite the mess.  Go ahead and paint fun pictures and words on the wall (like we did in the dust) before painting “the right way”.  The kids will really get a kick out of putting their art on the wall.  If you plan on doing this activity, have fun with it!  Why not have your kids write a note to Dad on the wall and surprise him when he get home from work!  Wah-lah, how cool is it that when my kids go back to school they’ll have this fun summer memory to share with their class.  Hopefully it’s a memory they’ll remember for a long time to come.  Not only is this a great bonding time for your family, it can be fun and you can get your project done a little quicker than expected with all the extra hands!

Here’s a few snapshots of the new walls. Thanks kids for all your help!

What project do you have coming up that your kids could help you with???

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3 Responses to “Makin’ A Project Kid-Friendly”

  1. Mary Joy says:

    Oh how fun!!! I am just getting started on putting things up on the walls and really getting into nesting…we got married and moved into our house on April 10 of this year. Thanks for making me not feel so bad about not being unpacked yet! LOL Good for you for getting yourself into action this summer! I can't imagine doing it with all the kiddos into everything while you work. I am very impressed with how you handle them during the project! You have really helped remind me to be PATIENT and find ways to make it fun for them too!

    God bless you! And what a blessing to your husband you are!! You go mama!!

  2. fkpattersonfamily says:

    I've just stumbled upon your blog. It's been loads of fun reading through all your fun ideas. Thanks!
    So what are you doing to your walls? Looks like an idea I would love.

  3. CorieAnn Scarbrough says:

    Lisa! You are truly amazing! :) Great post!

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