October 18, 2010

Create Your Own Pep Rally Date


Yep! It’s that time of year again…where the pig-skins get thrown around.  My spouse and I are actually not a “sports loving” couple.  We hardly ever watch games just to watch games…instead, we like the social aspect of it all. :)

This weekend we invited a bunch of friends over for a Pep Rally before we headed off to a High School Football Game.  We thought it would be fun to find a local High School and watch one of their games…..as FANS!  It’s never too late to relive your High School days.  :)  Check out GreatSchools.org to find the High School closest to you.  Most school websites will have a list of when and where the games are for each sport.Each couple (or family) was asked to bring their favorite “Monday Night Football” type appetizer.

I tried to get simple decorations that would help add to our “Pep Rally”.  I discovered that the school colors of the football team we were rooting for were green, white, and black.  To go along with the color scheme – I purchased my green football, brown football platter, and green streamers, from Dollar Tree.  Recreating my football cookies is easier than you think! Just buy oatmeal cream cookies and use icing to draw the strings on the cookies to make them look like footballs.

There are so many fun food ideas you can do for this theme.  I found lots of cute ideas online by just googling “football party ideas”.  If you are worried about what each couple will bring, you could assign them each to dessert, or salad, or even give them pictures of game food you would like to see at your “Pep Rally.”
While we enjoyed food we got pumped up for the game by listening to Jock Jams - remember those awesome Cd’s??  You can also create a list of songs on itunes that would get YOU excited for a game.

Get really decked out by wearing pops of your teams colors as eye shadow or cute studs for your ears. We even added simple ribbon to our hair to show our school spirit.

And dressing up the kids is a MUST!

We decorated a sign we could wave around at the game.  You can get as creative as you want with it.  I found the green poster board for $.50 at DollarTree.

I found these awesome washable tattoos and mini fingers at OrientalTrading.com.  They come in all different colors and were only a few bucks.

If you have time before the game try playing Football Squares.  Here’s how to play:
Everyone at the party puts their name in a square until every square has a name in it.  Take the final score of the game and see who’s name falls in that square, and that person wins. (i.e. Home 34 to Visitor 21, it would be squares home “4″ and visitor “1″) Whoever is in that square should get a prize. Or you could all bet something like for couples if your spouse wins, you owe him/her a backrub, or something fun like that!
(click on this image, then right click and save to your desktop for an easy download)

Now that we were all ready to show our school spirit we headed to the Football game.  It was Homecoming so it was packed.  Seeing the Homecoming King and Queen ride down the track in a Mercedes-Benz made it felt like it was straight from a movie. Because seriously, whose school really rents a luxury car for Homecoming? Not mine!

My favorite part of the game was half time.  I wanted to run down on the grass and start dancing with their dance team and cheerleaders.

The experience was wild, I haven’t been to a High School game in 6 years so going back as an adult and sitting in the adult section was actually a lot of fun.  To make your experience even more – fun make sure you sit next to the very outspoken group of parents that yell at the ref the whole time and say things like, “TAKE HIS LEGS OUT!” and, “Did you see that?  He scrambled like an EGG!” LOL!  I didn’t realize I would get so into the game, but we were waving our mini-fingers around the whole time and jumping up with the crowd when we scored and I even started yelling, “GO TEAM!”

So this weekend grab your favorite, most fun group of friends, have an awesome Pep Rally, and go to your local High School’s football game.  There are only a few more football games left, so I hope everyone gets to try this date out.

Don’t forget to submit your Halloween costumes in our Costume Contest. We have LOVED all of the creative costumes that have been submitted and we can’t wait to see YOURS!!  We stop taking submissions tonight at 12:00AM MST.

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9 Responses to “Create Your Own Pep Rally Date”

  1. CorieAnn Scarbrough says:

    I think this is a great, inexpensive date idea! We love the show, Friday Night Lights, so this would be really fun! Good job!

  2. Kari says:

    So fun, Kristen! I love this! My brothers are big football fans, so this would be a great group date with them. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Ginny Williams says:

    great timing… I'm in charge of a "family" date night Thanksgiving weekend, and with the big UTAH/BYU (for those of us in Utah) game happening that weekend, this is just perfect. of course we dont have tickets, so we'll be watching on tv. but great treat ideas. I'm seeing the whole day to be a RED/BLUE day :)
    we have a pretty equal split for each team in our home, so should make for some great compitions before, during, and after the game.
    Love it

  4. Wendy says:

    So cute Kris! Love all of it!

  5. Tara says:

    Kristen! I think this is SUCH a cute date! I love it….the painted cheeks DEFINITELY take me back to High School! :) I love all of your little details! The cookies, the tiny fingers, the school colors! Your pics are beautiful, like always! :)

  6. Kristen says:

    Thanks everyone!
    @Ginny- We definitely want to see pictures from your football party.

  7. Kiirst says:

    This date is seriously awesome. A big freakin' high five your way!

  8. KatieJ says:

    What a fun date idea! I have a random question…was that game at Oaks Christian? I worked there for a year and it looks very familiar (and the colors/mascot match).

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