December 8, 2011

The Holiday


Now that Christmas time is underway, we’ve picked a movie fitting for the season…The Holiday!! If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it’s definitely worthy of your date night rotation! We’ve got a ton of fun holiday ideas for you to use when you watch this movie together, or mix and match ideas to make a fun date night for every week this month!

Shadeleaf Studios

“I’m looking for corny in my life”…so be my date tonight!

  • Wrap this movie up like a fancy present along with some instant hot chocolate and other movie-worthy treats then put them under the Christmas tree.  On date night, let your husband open the gifts and see what’s planned.  Have a note that says, “{Spouse Name}, if you were a melody…I would only use the good notes.” Make and drink the hot chocolate at the point in the movie that Cameron and Jude do with his girls (don’t forget to make sure you each have five marshmallows!).
  • Greet your spouse under mistletoe when they get home on Date night, and have this DVD behind your back. After a steamy kiss, pull it out and share what you are doing for Date Night!  “Okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kiss you twice… and then linger a long time on the second kiss.”

“When the Santa Anas blow”, make Christmas Fettuccine!

  • You’ve gotta have the holiday treats! Bring on the hot cocoa and/or eggnog or try out this homemade Eggnog Hot Chocolate Recipe! OR, if you’re feeling up to something over the top tastymake up a couple of these YUM-MY Toasted Marshmallow Shakes
  • Set up a Bar with Virgin daiquiris and snacks to choose from for the movie. By the end of the movie your hubby just might by “intoxicated” enough to take advantage of ;)
  • To boost their spirits, Jack Black and Kate Winslet make Christmas Fettuccine! HERE is a yummy (almost identical) recipe to what they make in the movie.
  • Scones Recipe from Kiirsten! Serve them up on these fun Christmas Plates!

Swap It!

  • Swap houses or just watch the movie at someone else’s house!  This could be at Grandma’s house (..ideally while she watches the kids at your house?) or swap houses with a friend or sister for a few hours.  OR Google home swap websites together for fun and try and guess what the other person would choose.
  • Swap rooms with your kids and watch the movie on the laptop in their room, and let the kids watch a movie in your room. (Your kids will think this is so much fun if you really talk up the swap!) Set up the room that you’re going to swap with a small Christmas tree, white blankets (as snow to sit on, of course), AND a gift under the tree that is an invitation for an intimate night in the master bedroom following the movie!
  • Build a tent in your living room (like Jude’s daughters’ tent) complete with hanging stars. Sit in your tent while you watch the movie.
  • Dress up in your favorite Christmas PJ’s, build a fire (or if you don’t have a fire place, draw a picture of a fire and hang it on the wall), and then cuddle up to watch this movie on the couch.

“Mr. Napkinhead”

  • Take turns doing your best rendition of “Mr. Napkinhead” like Jude does for his girls. You’ll need a napkin and a pair of glasses to pull it off.
  • Turn up the music! I love the part where Cameron turns up the music on the stereo, sings along and dances her heart out. Would be fun to do this together with your spouse! You could even invite your children to dance with you as they do in the movie.
  • I love the game that Jack Black plays with Kate Winslet’s character when they are at the Blockbuster video store…where he hums a famous song and she tries to guess which movie it is. You and your spouse could play this game as well. Write down your favorite all time movies and them hum the theme song for your spouse to try and guess!
  • Dress up for the movie in Hollywood-Award-Show attire — like they do for Arthur’s award show.
  • Try to talk in a cute English accent all night like Kate Winslet.
  • Try to brainstorm 5 other movies that the 4 main characters have been in.
  • Kate’s character in the movie is a wedding column writer…so each of you write a wedding article announcing your own wedding and then let the other read it! (This would make a fun keepsake too.)
  • Go out for an evening snowy walk with your honey then start a friendly snowball fight.
  • Plan a future couple’s vacation.  Write down your goal including when, where, costs, extra ways to reach the cost, and hang up a motivating picture of your goal destination somewhere you’ll see it often like your closet.

Easy Flirt

(If you want to add a little more spice to your night!!)

  • Continuously do the “accidental boob graze” or “somewhere else graze” throughout the night like Jack Black does in the movie. Easy flirt!
  • This is kind of silly, but you can pretend to be single, barely met, and obviously have a HUGE attraction for each other. Then have a conversation about how you will never see each other again, are attracted to each other and think you should make love (like Cameron does with Jude). Then you and your hubby can spice things up like you never have before! Make it fun and exciting – totally different from your ‘norm’. Remember: you want to make a lasting impression! lol!! It would make for a night to remember, that’s for sure :) .
  • You could greet him in a Sexy Christmas Outfit….a CUTE one…. HAHAHA….
  • It’s CHRISTMAS time….so wrap up a present for him to open at the END of the movie….something like fun lingerie for you, lotions, or even Kristen’s Emergency K.A.R. Kit! Anything having to do with the bedroom will do!

Diva Movie Disclaimer:

The Dating Divas’ purpose is to help other couples find ways to strengthen and enrich their own marriages. This post is not an intended endorsement of the movie herein.  These date ideas are designed to find positive and innovative ways to connect with your spouse and can certainly be used for another movie of your choice. The movie industry tends to glorify many views that we do not particularly agree with or advocate. Unfortunately, nowadays, Hollywood doesn’t quite seem to value marriage the way we do.  Please take these ideas and put them to use in a way that fits your circumstances.

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  1. Kari says:

    Such great ideas!!! I love that movie! Found you guys on Pinterest and I am a new follower! So excited for 2012 to be a fantastic year!

  2. Kate says:

    I LOVE that movie! I recently found this blog and love it, you guys are great :)

  3. Alyssa says:

    Okay, so I just tested out those toasted marshmallow milkshakes, and they are my new favorite! Oh my goodness! SOOOO tasty!

  4. Tessa says:

    Doing this tomorrow night! Just found you guys and I love it! I have so many ideas now to spicy up my marriage… You guys are amazing!! I want to date my hubby every night :)

    • Kari Kari says:

      Yay! Welcome Tessa! We’re so glad to have you and hope that you have an amazing date night with your hubby!! Let us know how it goes…we always love to hear!

  5. Samantha says:

    Totally doing this tomorrow night!

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