March 16, 2011

Make It His Lucky Day!



I’m putting a secret plan into action for my hubby this St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m gonna let ya’ll in on it so you can join in the fun tomorrow!  Let’s just say my hubby is gonna find himself having….

….one freakin’ LUCKY day!

{Of course you can “rig” a PURE LUCK day any time, but ya gotta admit tomorrow is the perfect day to do it!}

Ok, everyone!  Raise your right hand and repeat after me, “I promise not to spill the beans to my hubby that I am the secret behind his EXTRA LUCK… or at least not until the end of the day!”  Awesome. You can all put your hands down.

The Sham-Plan

1. Hide $5 in a pocket of his jeans or coat.  WHO doesn’t love “forgotten” money?!

2. Go out to dinner.  Prearrange payment with the manager earlier in the day or “leave to go to the bathroom” at the end of your meal and pay the bill when out of your honey’s sight. Have a convincing waiter surprise your table as their “St. Patrick’s Day contest winners” giving you your finished meal for “FREE!” You’ll act surprised while your hubby will REALLY be surprised!

3. Ask a special person in your spouse’s life to give him a random phone call sometime that day just to say he’s awesome/appreciated/loved, etc.  This should really make 2 people’s day because the “special person” is gonna love that a call from them is considered happy luck!

4. Throw a kind letter or thank you card from special person #2 in with the MAIL to be waiting for him.  Don’t you love finding something {ANYTHING} personal in the mail other than ads and bills?

5. At the end of the night, ask your spouse what else you could share that would be considered lucky… maybe after the kids are in bed…..   

Ahhh.  Sweet success!

I can’t help but giggle, thinking of my man’s reaction when he thinks we won dinner on the house.  I just KNOW he’s gonna say, “I should have ordered the PRIME RIB!” Ha!

Geez… this day sounds pretty dang good.  Now how can I get a day like this to happen to ME!?  Oh yeah…Remember this?

Happy In-Love-St.-Patrick’s-Day!

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One Response to “Make It His Lucky Day!”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    Kiirst….I just think this is the NEATEST idea! Seriously LOVE it! :)

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