January 13, 2011

Birthday Party Themes


Have you ever wanted to throw a birthday bash for your significant other, but just didn’t know how to do it? Well, we’ve gathered Erika, Kiirsten, Lisa P., Bridget, and Kristen together to give you some ideas of how to make his next party a success.

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If you want a HOT and SPICY party a Fiesta is the party for you! This is an easy and fun party to do. First off, it’s all about the food! My husband LOVES Mexican food so we had all the essentials including his favorite 7 Layer Bean Dip. This tasty dish is made by layering refried beans, sour cream mixed with taco seasoning, cheese, tomatoes, avocados, green onions, and olives. This is the perfect thing for your guests to snack on while they arrive at the party.

And it wouldn’t be a FIESTA without a pinata! You can find these at a variety of stores (or make one yourself!) and fill it with your hubby (or the kids’) favorite treats. You also need a banner in the birthday colors. I tried to recreate this idea with doilies! Lastly, don’t forget the favors of fake mustaches. We handed these out to all the guests, and then snapped photos of everyone in them to keep as a memento. Everyone thought they were hilarious and it was a great way to remember all our awesome guests. You can find them here.

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I have all boys, so my ideas tend to lean to the masculine side, but we all have a Hubby!  Whether you’re celebrating for your BIG Man or your little man, a SuperHero theme has your back!  Little guys love ‘em, and our BIG Guys ARE SuperHeros – to us anyway!

Start with a simple plastic tablecloth (large rectangle size) for $1.50 at Walmart.  (Thanks, Wally!)  Cut into easy little Superman capes for your little guys!  It’s darling to have them draped over their chairs around the birthday table. They have every color to coordinate with whichever SuperHero you could choose.  I decorated in blue, red, and yellow for Superman

Create your own Superman emblem by folding a napkin’s corner down and grab your trusty sharpie to draw the S. I’d much rather spend money on gifts than on the decor, so use your imagination, and don’t underestimate the power of good ol’ fashioned posterboard signs.  I loved some ideas I saw here and spent about 15 minutes making it more comic-like {SMASH!} with these effects {POW} of what SuperMan {BAM!} is capable of. I also printed out a Superman picture that I googled and replaced Superman’s head with a cutout of my husband’s head from a random picture.  The kids thought that was hilarious!

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Come have a “BALL” with us…

Themes always make parties more fun. Even when they are silly, but this theme is very easy. It can be used for anyone, no matter what their age, or gender is.

So “Come Have a Ball with Us”! Send out invitations with that phrase on it and the information. Then buy beach balls from the dollar store or oriental trading. We bought 75 balls from oriental trading for $20. It made a great effect to have that many balls, even in our big backyard. Then think up all the games that can be played with balls. We set up a volleyball net, croquet, Golf Ball, and kickball in our backyard.

When guests starting arriving the balls were being used and there were so many that no one had to wait for a ball. Plus all ages enjoyed the balls. No one had to chase a ball because another one was close by. Then babies liked to play with them, while others played actual games. To make the party more fun, we made Rice Krispie Treats in balls and dyed them different colors. You can also have any food in the shape of  ball – just use a melon baller to scoop out the fruit! We bought a cake with a ball in the Ocean. It was a great birthday party and many came to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed themselves. No one was bored at our ball party.

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Perfect Patio Pool Party

I have always loved Summer birthday parties. Being outside in the Summer is always so much fun. So here are my suggestions for the Perfect Patio Pool Party! Just remember the 4 p’s and it should be pretty easy.

Decorations are pretty simple, get a few inflatable pools, and fill them with water guns, and then add a few slip n slides. Remember being young and having summertime water fights and getting big super soaker guns and having a blast? Bring that to your party! It won’t matter if your guests are 5 or 50, everybody has a fun childhood water fight memory, and they can relive that all over again. Just let them know that they will be getting wet. Decorate the back porch with streamers in coordinating colors, and make sure the cake or cupcakes match those colors too! Adding gumballs that match those colors, is always fun! You get an added decoration that people can eat while they are there, and can also take home with them.

At some point during your party put your guest of honor in a chair and let everybody get that person wet however they choose, hose, cup of water, squirt gun. Just make sure that you have people line up to drench them for whatever age they are turning. Give away tiny squirt guns and gumballs as take home gifts for guests. The fun thing about a party like this is that you could do it for a child or for your husband (Can’t you picture all your friends and family in a water fight? So FUN!). Have fun with these ideas, and since it’s only January I am sorry I got everybody SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!

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Rock-N-Roll Birthday

Have a Rockin’ Birthday Bash so that any boy (or lady!) will be able to rock out on their special day!
Print out THESE invitations with guitars on them to send out to your coolest friends.  Make a record cake like E’s Treats did and have pop-rocks for treats.  For entertainment play Rockband.   For party favors print out these matching tags that say Rock on!  Oh and don’t forget to bring along or provide some awesome shades for your guests to wear while they are at your party.

Happy Party Planning!

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