February 29, 2012

We ‘Heart’ Incredible Deals


To wrap up the Month of Love, we want to share a few of our ‘lovely’ favorites with you! You fill find that we have a wide variety of things we just love to adore so be sure to take your time perusing each of these amazing sites!

Click on the titles to check out their sites! 

  1. Shadeleaf Studios – Shallyse is a truly talented photographer whom we absolute adore! She is currently located in North Carolina and if you haven’t seen her skills yet…the proof is in the pictures! Just check out her photography blog! You will be amazed at the stunning moments she is able to capture with her lens. So if you live in the Carolinas and are looking for a photographer that can capture those precious moments with your family, Shallyse is the photographer to book!
  2. Merrymint – Sherie and Cheryl are two adorable twin sisters that create exquisite and affordable one-of -a-kind items just for you! They can design anything from Wedding invitations, social stationery (i.e. greeting cards, notecards, etc), menus, labels & cards, and more! These two are truly talented and eager to work with you on your next special project! Just check out their etsy shop for a sample of their fabulous designs.
  3. Canvas People – Oh, Canvas People, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…First, we love that Canvas People products are stunning and can turn a beautiful picture into a gorgeous wall canvas art. We love that they are offering a  FREE 8 X 10 canvas or $35 off any size canvas, plus free shipping. We also adore that they are so easy to work with! So don’t delay and get your favorite pictures on Canvas today!
  4. NoVae Clothing – Another one of our favorite ‘loves’ in life is…clothing. Oh yes, we love modest, yet stylish clothing just as much as we like a good deal to go along with it! NoVae has been our favorite go-to clothing source simply because they know what a woman wants…ahem, to look super HOT for our husbands of course! NoVae is also starting to release their new Spring 2012 clothing line which is absolutely Dahling, my dear readers! So hope on over and be one of the first to check out their latest and greatest!
  5. Shaped Expressions - These frames are to DIE for!  Rightly named, ‘Funk’stional Frames….they offer the perfect decor for any room in the house.  Frames come painted or unpainted, so go grab yours today!
  6. Road Trip Games - Now that spring is right around the corner, it’s just the right time to start planning some fun road trips! There is one item that is a must-have for your travel list this year, which is the Road Trip Games eBook! Plan to make your upcoming trips absolutely unforgettable with this nifty lil’ book to keep the good times rollin’. Want a sample? Check out Tara’s ‘Road Trip’ Date that will take a boring ol’ drive and turn it into a special memory.

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