June 30, 2011

Lil’ Something For You


Here at date your one we like to provide our readers with lots of different ways to better not only their marriages, but their lives as well. We have a list of the the top websites to help you do just that. Each one is unique and offers ways to simplify your life, decorate your home, or beautify yourself.

{Click on the titles below to explore their sites.}

  1. Canvas People - It’s time to make-over your bedroom! Get those ol’ dust bunnies out of there and make a statement in the room of love. Create a canvas with a picture of you and your spouse to put in your bedroom that will up the romantic ambiance. So why does this top of our amazing list of incredible deals? Because it’s FREE! You read right…it’s FREE and we all love FREE! You can get a FREE 8×10 canvas for the room of your choice or upgrade to a larger size and take $50 off the price!
  2. E-MealzIt’s summer time which translates into swimsuit time! We all want to shed a few pounds and E-Mealz is just the place to help make that happen. You can customize your meals to suite whatever diet you might be on. It will also save you a bundle of time and money as they create your shopping list from the meals you choose and tell you what grocery stores you should shop in your area to find the best deals.
  3. Lil’ Buckaroo DesignsAileen has been designing some adorable printables for our site. She is an all-n-one designer for everything from creative crafting designs, party decor packages, to business needs. She’s incredible! Check out these custom Sports Ticket printables or her Love On The Run printable.
  4. The Marital Intimacy Show – Times are tough on marriages these days and we can all use a refresher on how to strengthen our marriages, especially when it comes to intimacy. Laura Brotherson has the answers! Success in marriage is only determined by the amount of work you are willing to put into it. The Marital Intimacy Show is straight talk about empowering women (and couples) to create the intimate relationship of their dreams.
  5. B Lovely – Jenn at BLovely is a truly magnificent digital designer! She has created some fun printables for our readers that you’ll just have to check out! She has created fun items like the “Sweets” box and our latest I’ll Bring The Buns barbecue idea. Jenn creates original blog designs at reasonable prices, eye-catching announcements, and is a fashionista to top it all off!
  6. Shabby AppleWearing the same old dress time and again makes it lose it’s luster quickly! lol. I am guilty of getting into a dress rut and rotating through the same ol’ dresses. Well it is time to break out! Check out Shabby Apple”s gorgeous dress collection and I promise you will NOT be disappointed! Add some color to that drab closet of yours and feel like a sexier version of yourself at the same time! It’s all about muli-tasking you know. {WINK} Check out my personal favorites: The Cider and Pont Neuf.
  7. Crafting ChicksAre you a crafter? Or have you always wanted to learn how, but it’s just too intimidating? Well, the Crafting Chicks are a group of women just like you that have talent at their fingertips! They are super creative and are sharing their ideas with you! Check out this super cute Baby Daddy Gift Basket idea they shared with our readers.

We have chosen each of these sponsors due to the fact that they can and do enrich our lives and our marriages. We are certain that you will fall in love with them too, just as we have.  So take a little time and check them out. You will find something for every aspect of your life to make it better and easier which in turn will enhance your marriage.

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2 Responses to “Lil’ Something For You”

  1. micah says:

    i can’t wait to take advantage of the canvas offer! definitely upgrading to an 11×14 at least though. and i spent WAY TOO LONG on Jenn’s b-lovely blog yesterday. loved it!!

  2. Tara Tara says:

    I LOVE all of these websites! Thanks, Kari, for compiling all of them! :)

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