June 1, 2012

Flashback Friday: June 2011


Take some notes! Here are some of the posts we love best from June 2011. If you missed one of these fabulous posts, go ahead and get caught up!


Emergency K.A.R. Kit

Create this Kissing And Romance kit for your spouse to use for those last minute date nights when there is just no time to freshen up!

The Green Lantern Date

Sweet Makana shared this super fun date ideaall about the movie, Green Lantern ! Get adventurous with your spouse using her fun date night ideas!

Father’s Day Candy Bouquet

Make this Father’s Day bouquet for the sweet man in your life! The best part is it requires no water. :)

The Proposal

The Proposal movie takes romantic comedy to a whole new level! We love this movie so much we compiled a list from all The Divas of hilarious ideas to turn your at-home date night into one you will never forget!

The Husband Survival Kit

Check out this super quick and easy way to give your spouse a boost for their bad day! It’s a fun and sweet way to survive those not-so-great days.

Measure Up: Father’s Day Card

Here is a unique and fun way to show your husband that is his an amazing father! Make a card that will leave a lasting impression!

Baby, You’re A Firework!

Just in time for the 4th of July (which is just around the corner…)! Show your spouse what a firework they are by planning this fun (yet, totally patriotic) date! Grab some ice blocks and a few Monster Snaps, then burst out the laughter ’cause it’s going to be a hilarious good time!

Now it’s time to grab your sweet spouse, some fireworks, your K.A.R. Kit, and a movie or two to make a memorable date night together! We’ve given you our most important tools for success, now all you have to do is get to work!

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  1. Erika Erika says:

    Oh, I had forgotten about a few of these. THanks!

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