August 13, 2012

Pool Party



Hot summer weather + a refreshing swimming pool = the setting for a great date!

Your husband is gonna love this one, what could be better than splashing around with his hot wife in a swimsuit?  Not too many things {wink}.

This fun date is easy to put together.

1. Print out this free printable invitation for your husband.  There is a blue bubble underneath the sunglasses that you can write in your personalized date details like I did in the picture.  Hopefully you can get easy access to a swimming pool either at your apartment complex, home, community pool, or barter something with a friend who has pool access.  You don’t need a private pool for this to be fun, but you may want to modify some of the games if you are doing this during a public swim time.

2. Collect any items you will want to use to play in the pool like diving rings and a beach ball.  The games listed on the Pool Party Printable are suggestions for fun things you can do, but feel free to add any other ones you would enjoy.  The diving contest doesn’t require anything extra.  Beachball ‘keep it up’ you would want a ball or balloon and the object is to try to keep it out of the water for as many hits as possible passing it back and forth.  Marco Polo is a classic water game.   Ring Diving is fun, or you can use anything you have that will sink to the bottom of the pool like rocks or pennies.  See who can collect the most in one breath!

3. You can choose any refreshing treats that sound good to you.  For our date I blended up a yummy fruit smoothie topped with whipped cream.  Then just relax and enjoy soaking up a bit of the summer sun with your favorite man:)

4. Yes, your hair will get wet and your make-up will wash off, but after this date your husband will think he has the coolest wife ever!


If you are looking for other fun and creative summer dates, you should check out the post Soak Up The Sun or you may want to try cooling down with the super fun Ice Clues Date Night.




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5 Responses to “Pool Party”

  1. Candice Candice says:

    What a great way to beat the summer heat!

  2. Erika Erika says:

    Great way to end the summer!

  3. Corie corie says:

    We have a pool so that date is right up our alley! Thanks!!

    • Julie Julie says:

      Great! We had so much fun being in the pool without our kids, it was such a relief to not be on ‘lifeguard duty’. It was a great way for us to enjoy each others company and just relax:)

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