March 19, 2012

Kick-Off Date Night


The only sport my husband absolutely loves is Soccer, and lucky for him there was a BIG game coming up in our city that he was about to get some awesome tickets to!

For this date I wanted to secretly surprise him with tickets to the game and try to get away with not letting him find out what was going on.  My husband also loves surprises so he he was happy to come along for a date night, no questions asked!

First we enjoyed a BIG carb dinner! Pasta, Pizza, and Bread was a perfect fit for a soccer game and to get us geared up!  It would have also been fun to eat at a sports grill if we hadn’t just spent all our $$ on game tickets! ;)   You can sign up for daily deal sites such as,, and Groupon I’ve seen game day tickets on there a handful of times so far and the season is just starting. That would probably be your best bet for getting cheaper tickets. I also donated blood this year and received free game tickets, too!  So definitely look into where you may find them at a discounted price.

My husband drove all the way to the game with me directing him where to go, with not even a hunch of what we were doing.  Even as we arrived to the stadium (where we had never been before and which happened to be on a college campus) he still couldn’t figure out what we were doing. A concert? Something artsy?  As we were pulling into the parking lot there was a big sign that read, “Home of The LA Galaxy” We both started getting excited as he figured out we were going to a soccer game.  Then I told him, “Not ANY soccer game but, the OPENING GAME of LA Galaxy vs. Real SL!!!! We both started freaking out and jumping in our seats with excitement!!!  It ended up being one of the best surprises of the year!

I designed this envelope and put the tickets in it for the game, once we got to the stadium I gave it to him.

Make sure you dress up in soccer attire to add to the fun!  My plan was to buy jerseys once we got to the game to show our support and since we were rooting for both teams the hubby could wear a galaxy jersey and I would wear a Real jersey. Wwwweeeell…note to self, jersey’s are a lot of $$$$ and they don’t sell competitor’s Jersey’s at the home town’s stadium! {lol}  Next time I will plan better and find a deal online. :)

For treats we brought along Gatorade and I filled one Gatorade bottle with game day treats, snickers, power bars, and fruit-roll ups.  If you are not able to bring your treats in the stadium you can always save them for after the game when you are sitting in your car in a stand still line waiting to get out of the parking lot… because of course you park as close as possible to the entrance which means you end up waiting an HOUR to get out of the parking lot! {lol}  Enjoy that time together! Maybe pack some extra treats and make that moment one to laugh about later. WE DID!

On the “treats” bottle I created this bottle label with game ideas to make the evening more fun!  For each goal scored, you kiss each other. Make a bet between each other who you think will win and what the final score will be.  Whoever wins the bet(s) – gets treated!

Just look at that face!  This was definitely the highlight date night of the year!  I love it when my husband is happy and is enjoying our date night, it makes me enjoy it just as much as he does….

….oh, and it helps that I get to stare at La Galaxy player #23 all night long, too. ;) Of course, he’s NOT as cute as my husband!

You can download my fun printables for your own soccer date night RIGHT HERE!

Enjoy! …And have a ball!!

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5 Responses to “Kick-Off Date Night”

  1. SUSAN says:

    very sporty date. i will try to do this idea but in a basketball game and will wear a couple’s jersey shirt in the game.

  2. Wendy wendy says:

    Great date Kris! Looks like it was a hit! Cant wait to go to the local games here!

  3. Dianne says:

    This sounds fantastic! My husband is a soccor-nut and this would be a perfect date for us! I’m going to get planning!
    Thanks for some awesome ideas!

  4. Erika Erika says:

    Turned out great, Kristen! My hubby would love this.

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