May 30, 2011

I SPY Date


I SPY… with my LITTLE eye…

A hot sexy man, his cute little wife, the family car, 

a few activities, some treats and an amazing view from afar!

Are these some of the things you all “spy” on a daily basis? Me too!!

Have you ever wanted to be a detective? Go around spying on people and things? That is how I came up with this idea, my 3-year- old loves using a magnifying glass to “check things out.”

I printed an invitation out for my hubby, here’s what it said.

You can use this one or make your own to fit your situation better!

We then loaded up the car with things including (but not limited to):

An I Spy book

A magnifying Glass

An I spy bag or jar (easy to home make if you don’t have one, put rice in a see through bag and add little trinkets/toys to find like buttons, money, mini toys, etc.)

A few blankets and pillows

Lots of snacks and goodies to share

A list of the many things you “will” spy on your date  (like land marks, buildings, cars, and/or scenery) 

We ended up driving to a spot we used to hang out regularly while dating. It is a place that over looks the whole valley. Popped open the back of the car and started our “I Spy” evening!

We flipped through an I spy book and made it a competitive game, who could find it first?! Little did I remember how hard some of these pages are! We definitely had fun, and of course I WON! {wink wink}

Then we pulled out this cute “I Spy” bag, and spelled out each others names, as well as cute messages like I love you, HOT, babe… This one wasn’t easy either! I laughed, since I totally give these things to my young kids!

Then as we enjoyed our amazing view of the valley…


…we took turns finding different objects, buildings or even shapes in the clouds… you get the idea. Our own competitive game of I Spy! It was so peaceful, hanging out just snuggling in the back of the car! This date requires little work if you are looking for a last minute idea that is pretty relaxing!

Don’t have an I Spy book? Check out this online Book Store. You get super great deals on all children’s books!!

Are you interested in another date we posted that also involved {ahem} ”parking?” Check out Kiirsten’s Hijack and Kidnap Date


 Tara’s CSI Date if you just want to work on your SPY-ing/detective skills!!!

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6 Responses to “I SPY Date”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    So cute and SO simple! I love that we can take fun things we do with children…and enjoy them with our spouses!! lol

  2. Maria-Isabel says:

    This would definitely be a fun one for me and the hubs… we already love playing games in the car as we drive. This is another fun one we can do!

  3. Delaney says:

    I did this with my boyfriend and it was our favorite date of the summer so far!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful idea!!!

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