April 18, 2011

Easter Fun, Forever Young!


So Easter is usually about the kids right? Well not this Easter! I am going to give you all the tools to have a blast with your honey! This date comes in a few pieces. Start tonight by asking him to grab you a few eggs, when he goes to get the eggs he will find this:

Inside each egg will be an activity the two of you can do as a count down to your Easter date. Here is my list, but you can do anything you want!

  • Go and see the movie HOP! Take the kids with you! ( It’s a silly movie but cute for Easter)
  • Take a Springtime walk together
  • Make Easter cupcakes
  • Go Easter basket shopping for the kids
  • Make Egg themed food for Dinner one night like egg salad or scrambled eggs
  • Have a pre-Easter brunch Saturday morning

After all your fun activities you can make a cute sign and give this to your husband the morning of your Easter Date. It says, “I am Dye-ing to be your date tonight!”…. because you will be dyeing Easter eggs. It’s a little cheesy and silly but fun!

Before your husband comes home boil the eggs and then take the MAGIC crayon and write cute, sweet, and silly things on the eggs. He is going to laugh and get a fun little surprise when he dyes his eggs.

You can make this fun little treat for dessert. It is super simple. I found it in Food Network Magazine. You will need these items

  • 16 ounce pound cake
  • 16 ounce tub of vanilla frosting
  • 24 drops of yellow food coloring
  • 6 drops of red food coloring
  • 4 cups orange jelly beans
  • 1 5 ounce bag of green apple sour straws

Then you cut the sides of the front of the pound cake so it resembles a carrot, frost, put the jelly beans all over and use the sour straws at the top. It is so cute, easy, and fun.

The date goes right into Easter Morning. Just because Easter is for the kids doesn’t mean your husband has to be left out. So we have the perfect thing to give your husband….a SPRING SPORTS BASKET! The basket can have whatever you want inside. I put a kite, frizbee, paddleball set, mini football, and water guns. This basket is also an invite to your next date. A spring date at the park playing some sports. Take a picnic and have fun! I promise your husband won’t say no to this!

You can get the really cute SPRING SPORTS BASKET PRINTOUT RIGHT HERE!  {Thanks to diva, Erika, for helping out with the adorable printable!}

Have fun with your hubby doing all kinds of fun Springtime and Easter activities!

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  1. Jessica Hall says:

    ooooo this will be so much fun. My husband and I don’t have any children and we are away from family right now. This will be a lot of fun to do with him. Thank you for the idea. I wasn’t sure what we could do at all.

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