April 25, 2011

Dog-Gone Day Date


It’s starting to warm up and I LOVE day dates!  You know who else loves being outside?!?! DOGGIES!

I proudly introduce you to my “Dog-Gone Day” Date!

My husband was greeted with this snugly dancing dog.

I found him at Target and he sings, “Who Let the Dogs Out”.  It was a perfect way to invite my husband on a dog-filled date.  All I had to do was tie a dog tag around his neck and put him somewhere hubby would see him.  If you have a dog you could also tie the dog tag to your own dog or maybe a stuffed dog of your child’s you might already have.

Before going on our date Jason was presented with this Doggie-Bag of goodies.

I made sure to put in fun treats like those gummy hot dogs, and some Scooby-Doo fruit snacks from your local Albertsons, or You could even add something like these K-9 Candy from CELEBRATEEXPRESS.com.

K-9 Candy Bowl Assorted (1)

Then I put everything else we needed for the rest of the date in the bag.  I bought a dog ball that glows in the dark, that we used for the first part of this date.

Our first event was stopping by the dog pound and doing a little volunteering.

My husband and I have done this before as a date so it was fun to re-create it.  I am happy to say that I did not cry this time like I did the first time we went.  And we made it home without taking a dog with us…  If you don’t live near an animal shelter and don’t have a dog, you can always ask a neighbor that does own a pet if you can borrow theirs for the day.

For lunch we BBQ’d hot dogs.  If you don’t like plain hot dogs you can always do corn dogs or chili dogs.

Plastic Hot Dog Holders

I love these Plastic Hot Dog Holders! I found them at Century Novelty.

By the way…you can get a $6 Off Coupon from Century Novelty when you sign up for their newsletter. Click here!

I made up a Dog Memory game for my husband and I to play.  I printed them out, put scrapbook paper on the back of them and then laminated them before cutting them out and having a brand new card game to play.

We first played memory and I must brag about winning the majority of the time but Jason did get his share of wins several times too.  Then I thought let’s play this like “Go Fish”….you each have 3 cards to start and then the pile in the middle.  You ask the other person if they have a certain card and if they don’t instead of saying “Go Fish” you have to bark like a dog 2 times! LOL! …and if you do have a card you have to give it to the other person while growling…hahaha!  I know, I know, this is super corny but I was laughing so hard telling my husband the rules.  He didn’t get into it, but I totally came a barkin’ and I was dying laughing and then he started laughing at me because I made up all these crazy barking sounds and I thought it was so funny.  The winner of your games could be presented with a special “Top-Dog” award of your choice.

At the end of the night we used THIS website to calculate our age in dog years….  I would be 2.75yrs old and my husband would be 4.25yrs old.

So there you have it!  Go ahead and print your free Dog Matching Game here.  And here are some extra Bones to write an invite on or dog tag with.  You could also spread them around the house with words on them like, “I ruff you” or “puppy love”.

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