May 9, 2011

Competition at the Park!


Don’t you just LOVE that it is FINALLY starting to get warm?! Well, at least a little bit! I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and have some FUN at the park!  Take a look at what I gathered up to take to the park…

The Games:

1- Mini bowling set – Shindigz has a great mini set for only $5.99 if you don’t have one already!  It’s a great deal!

2- Frisbee -  Celebrate Express has a one called Monster Jam Flying Disc for only $3.99!!

3- Baseball

4- Long boards (a scooter or anything you can sit on to race down a hill will work)

5- Dollar Store prizes for the winners of each activity (I bought treats, lotion, etc. things I knew we could use and things Joseph would like.)

I wanted to have a one-on-one competition with my hubby, but I knew if I didn’t switch it up a little I would get SLAUGHTERED!  So, each game had a twist to it to try to make it a little more fair :) . I also used a score card I downloaded at  It’s actually a bowling score card but I modified it so the top listed the activity we were doing and then put our scores in each section.  (It will make more sense once you print it off).

Bowling…I didn’t want to just do a normal game of bowling, I wanted to spice it up a bit.  My kids have a mini bowling set so we could bowl at the park!  I wanted to do three different ways to bowl – using the bowling ball, a tennis ball, and golf ball.  When using the tennis ball and golf ball the object of the game was to see how many pins you could knock down in 2 tries – but that meant you could throw the balls at the pins or bounce them – whatever you thought would be best.  Let’s just say I gave Joseph a run for his money on these games!  But in the end he won and got to pick his first prize from a bag I brought.

Frisbee…I wanted to turn this game into a competition – so the rules for this was to see who could throw the furthest, straightest, and then who could hit a specific target.  This was a TON of fun and we had TONS of laughs – mostly about my poor throwing skills.  Aaahhh, my poor husband has such patience with me and sports :) .  Again, he won so got to pick yet another prize.

Baseball…now my husband grew up playing baseball through high school and I thought I wouldn’t have a prayer with this one.  I decided to set up targets for to aim at and whoever got the closest got the points (the closest target was 5 points and it went up to 25 points).  Surprisingly, I won the first 2 targets but he got the rest so in the end I still lost.  But my husband had to ‘turn on his game’ because he would NEVER have lived it down if he lost to HIS sport!

Long boards…at the park close to my house there is a huge hill.  It is SO much fun to ride down sitting on our boards or even my son’s scooter or we have a wiggle bike as well.  Anyway, for our date I thought it would be fun to see which of us could beat the other person down and then see who could go the farthest.  Joseph beat me down, but I went further so at least I tied at something!

All in all I knew going into the date that I would lose but I didn’t care!  I am all about having fun with my hubby and allowing him to be the competitive one.  We had such a blast hanging out, and he was SO nice to share his prizes during a movie when we got home.  He liked the date so much he suggested we do it with some friends next weekend.  Now that will be fun!  Enjoy your night at the park!

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6 Responses to “Competition at the Park!”

  1. Lorie says:

    I love, love, love this idea! I’m definitely going to make this one work for us! Thanks!

    • Cami Cami says:

      @Lorie: I am SO glad you enjoyed this date! We had such a BLAST and this was DEFINITELY the most response I have EVER had from my hubby. Good luck with this and have fun!

  2. Elyse Ellis says:

    We LOVE your blog!! I want to use all of these ideas! We are faithful followers :)

  3. Cami Cami says:

    Wow, Kelly! It looked like you guys had a great night at the park! I’m so glad it worked out for you. Thanks for letting us know you did this! Awesome!

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