March 9, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Luck


I am an Irish girl and I like to get into St. Patrick’s Day. The thing is, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a holiday where you have to stress too much.  It’s the little things that you can do to make it extra special. This year I went to the store and bought some Lucky Charms. I also bought some other great things like green and gold candy and a shirt for my man  {…and a shirt for me!}.

So I decided to write a tag out saying, ‘I am so “Lucky” to have you in my life’. I made it on the computer, printed in off, cut it out, then pasted it onto cardstock.  You could also use the free printables from Corie’s post!

I  grabbed some super adorable love coupons that Cami made to put into the box for the surprise. Click here to see that post on how to make the coupons. The love coupons are the “pot of gold” on the other side. Wink, wink.  :)

Finally I closed the box, put the tag on, and grabbed the rest of my things. I had the shirts out on the table along with candy to make the holiday morning special. This was super easy to prepare and it looked great when it was done.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day holiday!

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