October 4, 2011

Introducing: Micah Folsom Photography


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Remember when we added the ever-so-talented Shadeleaf Studios & AK Studio Design to our Diva Team? Ummmmm…..I think we realized how AMAZING it is to partner up with professional camera geniuses….so we decided to add TWO MORE!! We are SO excited to welcome Micah on board as part of our talented “Photographer In Residence” Team! She will be helping us beautify our photos! We fell in love with her after the first correspondence and so will you! We will be working closely with Micah this next year and will let you know of any amazing deals or promotions she will be doing….cuz we aren’t kidding when we say you are gonna want to book a session with this gal! She is a cute, bubbly, and FUN photographer to have behind the camera….shooting pics of YOU!

….and Oklahoma AND Northern Utah readers…..you are IN LUCK! {Better read all the way to the end of this post!} She is feeling a little generous today! Here is the lovely Micah herself…..

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

I’m Micah. A dessert lover, to-do list checker-off-er, and card game playin’ kinda girl. Growing up, I was always an athlete. I was playing college volleyball when I met my cute husband, who just happened to be the captain of the football team. {How cliche, right?} After I graduated and had my first baby, we had fun for a couple years being a professional football fans in Miami while my husband was playing football for the Dolphins. It didn’t take long for him to realize that was NOT for him and he wanted to get on with life. Which brings us to where we are today…. JD is in Vet School at Oklahoma State and I am just doing what I love as a & photographer in between all the hustle and bustle of raising two little ones. We have a tw0-year-old little red-headed girl who is FEISTY, rambunctious and sweet… and a six month old little guy who is laid back and just as precious as they come with big baby blues. I grew up more of a city girl, but things slowly changed when I met my total cowboy of a husband. Now I get what all the hype of country living  really is about… the slower pace, comfort food, room for my kids to roam, cute wrangler bums in chaps– I love it all.

So what is it about photography that I love? Well to start, I might be one of the world’s WORST “drawers”… ever. I can picture something in my head but by the time that pencil hits the paper, whatever it is I’ve created is completely different than what I intended. That is so frustrating! The same goes for dancing. My little sister is a rock star dancer and I always wished I could move like her…. sometimes when I’m home alone with my kids I’ll think of something sweet and try to bust a move—- then crack up laughing because it was so totally NOT what I had seen in my head. For whatever reason, with drawing and dancing – my brain and my actions just aren’t on the same page. Luckily, this isn’t the case with photography. I spend all day thinking up cool shots and images I want to capture. And then I get behind my camera and can ACTUALLY create what I had envisioned in my head! SUCCESS. I finally found something that works for me.

I now see the world in a completely different light. Every drive we take results in some new potential session locations. I see a grungy, run down building and get super excited to see how it looks behind the camera. I have a love and appreciation for all things old, vintage, rusty, other people’s {junk} really. And I feel like there are certain people out there that I just NEED to shoot {with my camera.} It’s silly.

My sessions are fun, natural, and a bit whimsical. I think the relationships between people are one of the most important things to capture. And I love that I have the ability to freeze moments that would otherwise be forgotten. Each stage of our lives mold us into who we will become…. to me, that is reason enough to get pictures updated often. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that the littlest things make the biggest difference and I’m tickled that I can play a small part in helping my clients remember those little things: your baby’s chubby little toes, the way your eyes light up when you’re looking at your spouse, the giggly smile of your little girl as she’s being tickled by her daddy. I love all of it. Every relationship is different, which means every session is unique. And I love the spontaneity that I need to have in order to keep your session fresh, new, and fun for everyone.

Speaking of fun, let’s have some together! You & Me. We’ll make magic happen. ;)

What’s Up for Grabs?

  • a FREE {any type} photo session {family, lifestyle, engagements, bridals, newborn, maternity, childrens, senior, just for the heck of it}
  • Up to 2 hours — on location– multiple outfit changes
  • Hi-Res disc of 25 images w/ print release
    **BONUS: anyone who enters but doesn’t win can still book a session for 20% off! must book by October 15th, excludes the mini session special

When & Where Will the Session Take Place?

  • OKLAHOMA: session must take place by November 15th in Stillwater, OK {surrounding areas can still enter}
  • UTAH: session must take place in February in Northern Utah {Park City – Ogden}
  • if you don’t LIVE in these areas, you can still enter and travel to these locations for the session— OR pay a small travel fee and I can come to YOU:)
  • once the winner is chosen, we will discuss details and what will work best for the both of us

How to Win:

  • Become a FAN of Micah Folsom Photography’s Facebook Fan Page.
  • Become a FAN of date your one Facebook Fan Page.
  • Update your facebook status and TAG @Micah Folsom Photography about how excited you are to win a FREE photo session.
  • Come back here once all three are done and leave a comment with these three things: what type of session you want to win, where the session would take place, and a cute or funny story about you and your spouse to help us get to know you better:) {If you aren’t married, then any cute or funny story about yourself}.
  • If you want a brownie point, you can leave a comment on Micah’s blog or facebook page as well. I love meeting new people and getting to know my potential clients.
  • I will be choosing the BEST story & that winner will be my new client….winning a FREE SESSION!!

The winner will be announced on October 12th!!!

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Isn’t Micah a DOLL!?! You want to win her session just to hang out with her, huh! What are you waiting for? Submit your story!!

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18 Responses to “Introducing: Micah Folsom Photography”

  1. Mallory says:

    I so want to win a family session!! It would be in Northern Utah at one of the temples, I’m just not sure which one yet! So, here goes my funny story…

    The day my husband and I met he had just returned from his vacation in California and I was visiting my brother on “whiskey wednesday”. We were the only two in the house that weren’t drinking, so I’m sure you can imagine how awkard it was to begin with. The whole night my brother kept telling his friends to stop looking at me and that they couldn’t date me. When Rob walked in my brother pulled him over to me and said, “Rob, meet my sister…MARRY HER!!”. It was probably the most awkward moment of my life!lol

    I’m a very shy person and didn’t really know how to strike a conversation with him…I asked him to put some whiskey in my drink…and continued to do it all night. What he didn’t know was that I was going in the bathroom and dumping it out.lol He just recently found out about this and we had a pretty good laugh.

    Since that night there hasn’t been one day we have been apart, except when his job sent him out of town and if you count the first time he took me rappelling and got me stuck three pitches up on a mountain in the dark..without head lamps..!!! Despite almost killing me I still love him. ; )

    I’ve been the only one that has been able to get him back to church after being inactive for over 10 years. We will be going through the temple around Feb. with our boys. After seeing a friends pictures she had done with her family the day they went to the temple, I’ve decided this is what I want done too!!

    Even if I don’t win I’m hoping to have Micah do my pictures anyways, if the money is there! Hope this all makes sense, my 4 month old thinks he needs to help write this! Can’t wait to see who the winner is!!!! : )

  2. Rachel Barker says:

    ::crossing my fingers to win this one:: I would LOVE to win a family shoot. We haven’t had family pictures done since Chaz was 3 months old (he is almost 3 now haha) and with our newest addition Ava I am dying to get pictures done.

    We are located in Ogden so I would assume the shoot would take place somewhere in Ogden but am open to anything. I am sure you know better spots than I since you are the pro!

    Cute/funny story. The first time Brett and I met the second words out of his mouth after ‘hi’ were… ‘you are going to be my wife someday.’ I was so shocked and taken back. He proceeded to tell me I was the most beautiful person he had ever met and that he would do anything in his power to make me his wife. He even told everyone else there (we met at a Birthday party) that he was going to make me his wife. I of course thought he was off his rocker but cute none the less so I got his number. Something about him had me hooked (even though I thought he was a bit crazy) and we have spent almost every day together since and we will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary this Friday!! He always tells people we are the definition of ‘love at first site’…. well for one of us! :)

  3. Alison Masters Carr says:

    So excited to win!! I would like to have a family photo!! My children are all getting older and capturing this time is so important to me. Because my husband’s family is from Mantua (small town with the lake in the middle of Sardine Canyon!) I would love to have photos there!! It is picture perfect!!

    Having been married for 26+ years I’m not sure how many “cute” stories I have of my me and my husband!! I would say we have a lot of funny moments, crazy moments and unforgettable moments!! So, here is something that may help you remember us by….he proposed to me in the Mantua Cemetery!!

  4. Brett says:

    Well I would be super excited to win your photo shoot. I love Northern Utah there are so many fun places to take some great shots, so it would be fun to win. Well I’m probable one of the few that will enter that is single and even fewer yet that is a guy. So here is my cute story about my first Kiss with Joy. Please don’t hold my bad spelling and bad grammar against me.

    My first kiss with Joy didn’t happen tell are third date and I will get to that in just a minute, but I thought I should give you some background on how it came to be. This last year I have been in a dating slump so I decided in June of 2011 that I would get out of that slump by going on 12 dates in 12 weeks and blog about how each date went at http://www.goonadatetonight.com . Date number 1, 3, and 6 happened with Joy and many of the others as well. Each date was better then the last one and I love every minute that I get to spend with her. Now on to my third date and first kiss with Joy.

    My third date with Joy was broken up in two parts, for the first part of the date I sent her on a scavenger hunt around Idaho Falls that I set up the night before. The scavenger hunt took her to different places that our previous dates had taken us, and also a couple of stores so she could get ingredients for dessert and pick out a movie to watch that night. She choose “Gnomeo and Juliet” it was really cute. In each place she found a note and a treat that lead her to the next place, in addition each note also had hints of what we were going to do that night. The third note lead her back to where she had started the hunt a final note was left there with the instructions that she had to tell me what we were doing and if she had excepted the flowers that I had left for her. I got this idea from “date your one” but adapted to fit my date becuase I wasn’t going to watch The Bachlor like they did in the date. That’s the adventure that I sent her on and she came close to figuring out exactly what we were doing that night. I believe that she had a good time going on the scavenger hunt. She said it reminded her of High School when we had to do those kind of activities to answer and ask people to dances, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

    For the 2nd part of date I took her up to the Mountains just outside of Idaho Falls to a place called Kepps Crossing, we pulled into a secluded spot surround by trees but a nice clearing in the middle so we could see the star’s as it got darker. When we got there I set up a chair for her and had her sit and relax while I set up our activity. I had brought a TV and hammock, along with a grill for our dinner. After getting everything set up I cooked her dinner, I started dinner with watermelon, then for the main meal I cooked chicken cordon bleu and corn on the cob. Needles to say I’m a good cook well at least I think so. If she didn’t like it she didn’t say anything. After dinner we went for a short hike, needles to say I’m out of shape and I probable wasn’t that attractive huffing and puffing as we went up the hill. When we got back we laid down on the hammock and watched the movie, again the movie was “Gnomeo and Juliet” it was a cartoon based of “Romeo and Juliet” but had a much better ending. It was to late to watch another movie so we just laid down and looked at the stars. While we laid and looked at the stars together our bodies shifted and put me in a position were I could kiss her, I took advantage of the opportunity and went in for the kiss. She reciprocated the kiss, and we laid in the hammock and kissed some more. It was a clear starry night, bright full moon and shooting stars you couldn’t ask for a better place or time to have a first kiss. After the kissing I packed up, she was nice enough to help even though she didn’t have to and we headed to her place and had the dessert she made, it was good. Kind of a peanut butter bar thingy, I said good night and headed home.

    Well that’s my story about me and Joy and our first kiss. things are still going great, so maybe in February we will be needing to get some photo taken with each other, and if not I could always use some of me along with my Mom, Dad, Brothers, Nieces and Nephew.

  5. Brooke Tams says:

    I want a session for my boys. I have 2. Daxton is 3 and Miller is 1. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and I actually played volleyball with Micah and then coached her 2 years later. lol….she was a much better volleyball player then me though! She is one of the most talented and funny girls i know.

    A funny story about Carl and I….hmmmm. When we were first dating, I took him up to my parents cabin for New Years. And he brought some snow shoes, thinking we could go on a romantic walk in the snow. :) So we started out on our adventure and climbed over several “NO TRESPASSING” signs to get to this beautiful valley. It was filled with trees and rivers and it was so picturesque. As we were walking into the valley a moose lifted its head and starred at us. We quickly turned and slowly walked away. As we walked away from the moose. A mother moose lifted her head and she was by her baby. We were scared out of our minds and started to run, if you can call it that in snow shoes, up the hill back to the cabin. We were lucky nothing happened but it is a funny thing to imagine, 2 kids running up a hill in shoe shoes trying to get away from a herd of moose. Like we could outrun them anyway! lol

  6. Shawna Worthington says:

    So to start my story…My husband and I met in high school and went on one date. He got lost picking me up and then we went to a movie and dinner and while there had the “H” stolen off his parents new Honda. After that we went to a park and had the cops show up because it was after hours. He then dropped me off and my house and gave me 1 kiss. I later found out that he had a girlfriend (who did know about this date) and so we were friends but nothing more. We didn’t see each other for 1 1/2 years when a friend ran in to him and told him to take me out because she didn’t like my current boyfriend. We then dated for 1 1/2 months and then were engaged. We got married 8 months later. We had a set of twin girls after 1 1/2 years of being married and another girls 2 years and 3 months later.

    We have moved 9 times since we have been married. It has been crazy. We have lived in various parts of Utah and Idaho and are currently in Northern Utah hopefully to stay a little longer. We have only been in our house for 1 year and have never been in any place longer than 2 years, so here’s too hoping! My girls are now in 2nd grade and kindergarten.

    I love photography and all the moments it captures. I love pictures that are not done in the standard studio form. So, here is to hoping that we can get some updated pictures of our family.

  7. Kesley says:

    I’d love an “engagement” session with my love (not technically engaged, but we know we want to be together always *sigh*) which would include my baby Athena aka my basset hound lol the location is such a tough choice! hmmm i like the look of urban downtown-ish SLC or maybe Park City at my boyfriend’s Dad’s house (its gorgeous! and right on the edge of a state forest).

    As for our story: I am very close to Ammon’s family and feel so lucky and blessed that I am! His mom and I will go shopping together, I go to family events even if he has to work, his brother and I act more like brother and sister ourselves, etc. So one night I was over at his Mom’s watching a U of U football game (we bleed RED!) having an awesome time. Ammon showed up in the last quarter because he was working and after the game ended we were all just joking around as usual. Somehow (I really have no idea how) Ammon and his little brother Michael start chasing me around with duct tape! They’re convinced that they will somehow get me duct taped to the wall and I freak! I am literally running all over the place when Michael gets the duct tape looped once around my hands and continues to loop them even more! I break free and by this point the whole family is hysterical (Mom, nephew, older brother, and sister in law along with Ammon and Michael) watching me run around the basement with my arms duct taped together. Long story short they cornered me in the bathroom and Michael proceeded to duct tape me and Ammon together lol It may sound crazy but it was hilarious and such a blast to look back on haha. The best part is that I’m very lucky that I have a second family and group of people I love so much :)


  8. Tedi P says:

    I would be thrilled to win a photo shoot! My husband and I haven’t had professional photos done since we got married! :S

    I would want a couples photo session. My husband and I live in Utah so we would definitely want to do it here.

    About 2 years ago my husband had recently started a new job. He was working a lot, and I can’t remember the details but him and his team scored a paid day off. Everyone on his team used it for the day after Thanksgiving, but he didn’t. He hadn’t told me when he was going to use his day off and we had received a $50 credit with expedia.com. So the Friday before Christmas he texted me to let me know he had gotten to work (you know it’s December and snowy). He had to be at work 1/2 hour before me. Around 10am my husband walks into my office with a handful of flowers and gives them to me, then goes into my bosses office and says: “Okay Joyce, can I take her?” She said yup and he said “okay, lets go.” We drove down to Vegas and stayed there for the weekend. I had no idea that he had set up this surprise getaway for us. Apparently, he had talked to my boss (while I was in the bathroom) the night before at my work Christmas party about “stealing” me from work the next day, she was perfectly fine with it. He had used the $50 credit from expedia.com and got 2 nights for $75 in Vegas. We had a lot of fun and it was so nice to get away right before Christmas.

  9. Torey says:

    Type of Session: Either a Couples or Family Im currently on a weight loss journey and would love some updated photos after the weight loss is all said and done. I havent had pictures with the hubby since we were married 3 years ago Dec 12th! Session Place: Utah Cute or Funny Story: I met my husband ONLINE! I was living in Wyoming at the time and he was in Utah. We met on ldssingles or mingles cant remember which one! He didn’t really want anything to do with me since i lived so far away so it was my idea that we meet. I set up the time and he wanted to meet at his house. Kind of scary right well I had no fear what so ever but my friend was kind of freaking out. I got there and he had a friend over so pretty much the first night I met him we went driving in his friends truck, got a car wash, went to the mall and bought him shoes at finish line, and I believe we watched a movie after that. What a great first meeting right? I look back on it and just laugh!

  10. Misty says:

    I would LOVE to win a Family Session, we are due for one. We are in Utah, so SLC or Park City would be good areas.

    After being married for ten years, you’d think my husband and I would be able to come up with a cute or funny story that has happened over the years! lol I guess the all start to blend together after a while.

    My husband told me to give you the story of how we kind of met. The second time we met was when we saw each other at a party when we were both with different dates. The following week, I ended up at his house for a party, I ended up staying there after everyone left and he ended up taking me home. We saw each other just about every day after that, and got married a year later. He told him mom that I was the one he’d marry after that night. Awww…. Funny how fate has it’s way of making things work out.

  11. Abby says:

    LOVE Micah. Great friend and GREAT photographer! You won’t be disappointed. So excited you guys are teaming up with her!! YAAAAY!!!

  12. Anne says:

    I am a fan of you both on facebook and I would love a family session in Utah.
    I am my husband’s first and only kiss. The first time he kissed me, he was so nervous! He leaned in and just kind of brushed his lips against my face, near my lips. I pulled back and said, “was that a kiss? Let’s try that again.” The next attempt was a proper kiss. It’s something small but we joke about it all the time. :)

  13. Jentrie Williams says:

    I am SO excited that i have a chance at winning a free session with you Micah! I have been a fan of your work since you started and i would love for you to come spend some time with my family and i on a freezing Utah February day :)

    It would be perfect timing because i am 8 months pregnant with boy #2 and have been dying to get an updated picture of my quickly expanding family. (yes, i will be 22 with 2 kids. . . who will only be 15 months apart. can you say busy?!) We are very excited for our addition and want to capture this fun and crazy time in our lives.

    And of all the times to have a funny story/series of unfortunate events happen to us, it was on the night of our engagement. It’s quite the long story so i’ll just sum it up to give you an idea of how it went. . .
    1. I got in a car accident, that totaled the car we were driving, on my way to the temple (where jake was waiting to propose but i didn’t know that yet)
    2. once there, the temple wasn’t lit up anymore cuz the accident ruined the timing, so everything was pitch black
    3. i was supposed to listed to a playlist of love songs but i kept skipping through all of them because it was taking too long. (jake said he could hear me skipping through and was like “man she’s ruining it.”
    4. once i’d skipped every song, i was supposed to set up a picnic but i could not for the life of me figure out how to use the lighter. so i was still in the dark and the romantic picnic was axed too.
    5. once jake came out of hiding i realized he was soaking wet?! apparently he had been hiding in bushes for over an hour. While in hiding the owner of the land saw him and thought he was a punk kid so he threatened him with calling the cops. finally jake was able to explain the situation. then the sprinklers came on. by then i was already there so he had to just sit and get hit by the sprinklers until i was done with the little game he’d set up for me.

    There were a few more funny things that happened, but as you can tell, it wasn’t the smoothest engagement hahaha!

    But we are head over hills for each other and love nothing more than being parents!!! So we hope that we will be able to win this awesome prize so that we can have a cherished keepsake to remember this fun time in our lives. :)

  14. Ashley Willey says:

    I am so excited for the chance to enter to win this prize! I would love to do a family photo session in the snow! I have ALWAYS wanted pictures in the snow and I think that with the vivid blue eyes of my beautiful 2 year old and husband, and then the brown eyes of me and my five year old, would look FABULOUS with a snowy background! I would LOVE to have the pictures take outside the Salt Lake City Temple!!!!! Not only does this look beautiful in the winter time with all of the lights on the trees and the different contrasts, but that is where my husband and I and our two children were sealed in June of 2010! So I think it would be super neat to have pictures taken again a little over a year later to show how much we have grown both physically and spiritually in the past year and a half and how we are only growing closer and stronger together despite the many pitfalls along the way!

    Here is my funny story! I was working here in Evanston for Stock Building Supply, trying to just survive after my first husband left me with my one year old daughter! I was working the front register one day talking to the other gal who runs the register and a friend named John who worked the back lumber area. I was reaching down getting something after helping a customer and when I turned around to continue talking there he was! DANG he was so cute! I guess he was a friends of John’s because he used to work there and drive a truck and deliver the lumber loads for Stock. He had come in to see how John was doing and if he wanted to hang out because he would be home for a week from working in the oil field! I thought he was so hot! His beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous smile! I got my phone out and hid it by my side and snapped a picture without him knowing and sent it to my friend saying “dang aint he hot?!” Well he kept staring at me and come to find out when I had left to go do something else he was asking John questions about me. John told him to butt out and leave me alone! Well he stopped by every day on his day off and talked to me a little and even stood outside the bathrooms (that I was painting) and listened to me singing while I was doing it! I honestly thought that it was to good to be true and that he had to be gay or something?! I know that was horrible of me, but he asked me to go boating with him and a friend one day and we have been almost inseperable from the beginning! When I first met his mom he told her that I had thought he was gay! Oh my gosh that was so embaressing, but it wasn’t as embaressing for me as it was for him when she responded with “well I have wondered!” She was kidding but he turned bright red! We met beginning of 08 and were later married in December of that year! We have only grown closer and closer and he has become a wonderful father to my five year old and is a teriffic father to our two year old!
    It would be such a fun thing to win this session with you and have these pictures taken to show our growth and of course to finally get my snow pictures I would LOVE!!!!! Hears hoping! (crosses fingers!!)

  15. Kristina Lee says:

    If I win this photo session (which I hope I do) would be in Utah, and would be an outdoor photo shoot. I need cute photos of my little family.

    A story about this would be the day that my husband proposed to me. Earlier that day we went bowling. We are pretty competitive when it comes to bowling. As he went up to bowl he stepped on his pants and fell right on the floor. Poor guy hurt his knee really bad. I had to help him back to the car, he was hobbling the whole way. Later that day we went to dinner. He was really trying to suppress the pain. After dinner we went to the place where he was going to propose. He tried so hard to get down on his knee. He got about half way down when he stopped and asked me to marry him. I love him for trying so hard.

  16. Jami Wright says:

    I would L.O.V.E to win this session! Why you may ask. Well, let me share with you why! A month ago I had a claimed ‘professional’ photographer take photos of my one year old. I wanted some fun pictures to capture his energetic personality and I wanted photos to display for his birthday party and of course for our house. Well, well, well…I did NOT get that! I was so sad when my little guy was eating rocks and playing in the dirt and the photographer wouldn’t take pictures of him because she was afraid of him choking. Seriously?! I was right there, i’m his mommy and I want pictures of him doing what he loves to do – which is eating rocks and playing in the dirt. I was truly disappointed. Needless to say I didn’t even get one picture printed. It wasn’t worth the ink.

    So, if I wont this prize I would do an outdoor family session, but have lots and lots of pictures taken of my beautiful, fun and EXTREMELY happy little guy! We are starting to redecorate our house and I want a large family photo in the center of our living room. ohhh, i can picture it now :)

    To get to know us better. Here’s a story of our “first (elimidate) date” So 5 years ago, me and my best friend went to a party right after we graduated from High School. We met these 2 cute brothers and the older brother got my number. We became really great friends and even tried dating, but there just wasn’t any sparks. So, after a month or two, this brother introduced me and my roommate/best friend again to his younger brother. Well, this brother, James got my roommates number and we decided to get all our friends together and hang out at the gateway. We all got there, and hung out for awhile and then decided to hangout at James’ house. Well, when we all got there…oh wait…not all, just me, my roommate/bestie and James got there. Well, these is where it gets fun :) I liked James, my bestie liked James and James was trying to decide who he liked. So – he took my bestie out on a motorcycle ride and I stayed at his parents house and played basketball. 15 minutes later they returned and then I went on a motorcycle ride while the Bestie played basketball. Yes, this lasted all night! Hum, i’m such a good friend to allow this all to go down huh?! Well, needless to say, the next night he asked ME out and 4 years later we got married :) and yes, me and my bestie are still besties and talk about our ‘elimidate’ often!

  17. Katie says:

    I want to win so that I can have a FAMILY session with you. TODAY my twin daughters are 6 months old. They are fun and quirky and funny and my family is darling, you will love us and we would make great models and spokes persons for you. I have a cute cowboy hubbie and a darling 4-year. Where would this take place? In Northern Utah of course, I actually live halfway in between Ogden and Park City!!

    I currently teach at a small rural high school. I am the agriculture science teacher and FFA advisor. I also teach Biology. WHen I was a senior in college I met my husband. This was not a typical meeting, I was the student teacher and he was the student, a senior (do NOT thing Mary Kay Laterno please!). His mom worked in the school cafeteria and I got to know her pretty well. Four years after my student teaching was over I ran into him again at a rodeo. He took my number and has never stopped calling. I didn’t actually ever date him when he was in high school. So yes, some people say I am a cradle robber, but he did the chasing not me. I finally got caught after a few years. My students think it is so funny that their teacher married her student. Its the big joke they tease me.

    We love the out doors, the western life style, hunting, camping and being with our families. We were so excited a year ago to find out by surprise that we were pregnant with twins.

    Our darling girls came in April. When my doctor did the first ultra sound her words to us were: “HOLY SH** there are two!” Their big brother is a super fun and smart and loves to take care of them.

    Our family claim to fame is that my brother in law is the 2007 World Champion PRCA Bull Rider!! Go WES!! Thanks for considering us.


    PS Your husband could come talk to my Animal Science students about being a vet and what it takes!! Just a thought.

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