August 9, 2012

Kid “Date Night” Envelope


If your house is anything like my house, “We’re going on a date” is instantly followed by many, “WHYYYY???”‘s and “Can we come?”‘s and “I don’t want you to LEEEEAVE!!!”‘s. To help, we’ve put together a little somethin’-somethin’ for your kids while you and the hubs get that much needed togetherness time!  I present to you, the “Kid Date Night” envelope!

Now, this will ONLY work if you DO NOT let them EVER play with the contents of this envelope unless you are on a date! There are 2 games here that are tried and true, kid tested and approved, that are sure to be a HUGE hit with your kids! Kids LOVE to play these two games. They love them so much in fact that they will be BEGGING you to go on your next date! Again, this only works if you save these games for DATE NIGHT ONLY. :-)

First, you need this: Envelope Printable

Attach it to a manilla envelope. Make sure this envelope appears somewhere in your children’s view on “date night” day so that they can look forward to it! I like to set mine out on the counter right at breakfast time so that they are excited all that day.

Now, what are the goods inside this wonderful envelope you ask?? Well, I have two, FREE activities for you. Just do either one or the other, and save the next one for the next date night!

{I like to put ALL of the needed supplies for whichever game I choose inside the envelope so it is all right there for the sitter when we leave.}

Game #1: Don’t Eat Pete!

Materials Needed:

*1 big bag of M&M’s

*Our game board

{Find that game board here: Don’t Eat Pete!}

*The rules are simple and they are printed right there on the game board. Bada-bing bada-boom baby!

Game #2: The Kit Kat Game

Materials Needed:

*1 king-size Kit Kat bar (unless they want to play more than once, and they WILL! Then get a couple..)

*1 die

*2 butter knives

*A glove or oven mitt for the babysitter

*And this printable: The Rules

Same thing, the rules are printed right there. They are explained simply so your babysitter will know just what to do.  :-)

And the last thing to do, but DEFINITELY not the least, HAVE FUN ON YOUR DATE!

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19 Responses to “Kid “Date Night” Envelope”

  1. Julie Julie says:

    Robin, What a FUN idea! I have some very fond memories playing the chocolate bar game when I was younger, and “Don’t Eat Pete” looks like a delicious game too!! These ideas will be a hit in many homes I am sure!

  2. Wendy wendy says:

    Looks so fun Robin! My kids would be all over this, except usually they are asking me to leave so they can hang with gma and gpa! LOL Or they love their sitter too! I cant leave fast enough! Great ideas!

  3. Kenzie says:

    So fun for the kids!

  4. Sarina Sarina says:

    This is a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Erika Erika says:

    Such a fun idea.

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I love DON’T EAT PETE!!! what a great idea!

  7. Jess Jess says:

    I LOVE this!!! So cute!!!! Great idea!

  8. Nikki O says:

    I love this so much!! Please do more :)

  9. Candice Candice says:

    Love this idea!

  10. Mandi says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!! Awesome!

  11. Tiffany says:

    Love the envelope. My kids dont have many chances to say that since we dont get to go “out” very often. Our version is at home after the kids go to bed. I think this might be in need of a try!

  12. Pam says:

    LOVE it…except my son doesn.t eat chocolate bars or M & M’s! Odd, huh?

  13. Julie Thralls says:

    First off, I love these games. They are brilliant and perfect for little ones because they are simple and easy. You could also use any other small crackers or nuts, maybe an animal cracker named Pete?

    However, the grammer nazi in me is begging you to change ‘grop’ in the Pete printable to what I believe is supposed to be ‘group’. Please and thank you!

    Have fun kiddies!

    • Robin Robin says:

      What? You don’t want the ‘grop’ yelling ‘don’t eat pete!’ at you?? HAHA thanks for pointing that out, I call myself a grammar nazi too and can’t BELIEVE I missed that!! I’m out of town but will fix it the second I’m back on my home computer! Thanks :-)

  14. Michelle says:

    Great ideas! My 2 and 3 year old boys would be ALL OVER the Don’t Eat Pete game, and the Kit Kats will work as they get older. :-)

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