December 1, 2010

A Ramen Noodle Secret!


This post was contributed by our honorary diva, Charlene.  Here she is:

We are a small family living on a college budget, so lets just say that we’ve eaten our share of Costco size bundles of Ramen noodles!

¬†But I have a secret….. Many have tried to guess and many have failed. You are dying to know aren’t you! Okay, here I go! It’s as simple as pie! Boil the water,

add the noodles (like normal). Let cook on high until noodles start to get tender.

Drain water, put back on the stove and add…..

…1 cup of MILK and seasoning! Let it come to a light boil again and whala, you are done! You can serve as a creamy delicious soup OR use a little less milk and you have a creamy noodle side to go with your dinner! Once you’ve had it this way, I promise you will never be able to go back! (That is….. if you are like EVERYONE else I know that has tried it:) Hope you enjoy! I would l.o.v.e. to hear what you and your hubby think to our twist on Ramen Noodles or if you have your OWN secret ingredient that you just happen to love!

Thanks for such a great post, Char!


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30 Responses to “A Ramen Noodle Secret!”

  1. Katey says:

    My husbands favorite of my ‘cheap’ meals, two Ramen packages (we prefer chicken) to one can of cream of mushroom soup.
    Cook your ramen until the noodles are almost as done as you like, then drain off some of the water (amount depends on how soupy you want it)
    Then add one can of cream of mushroom soup and half to one seasoning packet.
    Let cook a bit longer so soup will heat.
    WARNING: Sodium overload! but delish

  2. Stephanie says:

    This would be GREAT if my husband weren’t Lactose Intolerant!

  3. Nicole says:

    I just got married a month ago and am in love with this site! My husband and I did the “Ice Date” last week and had a blast, even though he guessed half the things we’d be doing before I gave him the clues, and we both fell asleep before watching Ice Age :) I even have everything almost ready for our own version of the Bella Notte date for tomorrow night!

    Anyway, we didn’t have much in the pantry to make dinner with tonight, so when I saw a package of Ramen, I remembered seeing this recipe on here and decided to give it a try! It’s so simple, but we both loved it! :) Thanks so much!!

    • Erika Erika says:

      Nicole, we’re so glad you found our site and that you’ve already found a few dates to put to use. Let us know how the Bella Notte date goes. It is one of my favorites!

  4. Tiffany says:

    We add eggs for an egg drop soup :)

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