February 16, 2011

Music for Making Memories


You know how a person can hear a song and remember where they were the first time they heard it and who they were with? Well it is time to create that with your spouse.


Who doesn’t LOVE Keith Urban?!? His music is always either upbeat and happy or sultry and sexy. Well, he went one step further with his new CD, and basically wrote almost every song to his WIFE! How sexy is that! Then on the inside of the CD he wrote a beautiful love letter to his wife about how much he loves and appreciates her (UM…. CAN YOU SAY “HUSBAND OF THE YEAR AWARD”!!).  I decided to go out and buy this CD for my husband and a little bit for ME! Who doesn’t need a new lovey dovey CD to make memories to!? So go out and buy this CD, or any CD to give to your man and write a little note that says something about making memories together. So years from now when you hear those songs you will both say, “Hey remember when we took that drive up to the mountains and made out?” OR  ”Remember when we found OUR SONG together?” Too many couples never have a SONG!  If that is YOU…you should definitely find one just because it’s fun and helps you think about your spouse… (and you might need something to play at your 50th anniversary).

So here is my easy idea for YOU. Pick up Keith Urban’s new CD – appropriately titled Get Closer. Get your husband’s favorite candy and tie a little ribbon around both the CD and candy with a note. My note says, “Let’s get a little closer with this new CD and make some fun memories for you and me!”

Happy Memory Making!

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2 Responses to “Music for Making Memories”

  1. Angela says:

    My love got me amazing seats together see Mr. Urban! I can’t wait. Best valentines present ever!

  2. Barbara says:

    I think this is a great idea. It reminds of something I did for my husband this fall. He works hard in his regualr job and also is a high school fb coach where he gives so much to his team. To recognize this, I made a “menu” of services he could pick from starting with foot soak and rub and ending with shhhhhhhhhh ;) and a soundtrack to go along with it of HIS favorite songs. It was a rockin hot evening and those songs remind us of it every time :)

    I am off to itunes to give a listen to Mr. Urban.

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