February 27, 2012

John Wayne-Themed Date


Another fabulous and fun date night at home from one of our awesome-possum readers, Nicole!!

So, Nicole actually got this date idea from one of Charlene’s dates called She’s All Country. There’s county dancing and horse back riding in it so it totally made her think of cowboys and her hubby LOVES him some John Wayne! So this is what she put together for her lil’ date night!

Get out yer’ guns and cowboy hats folks… here’s a fun date you’ll remember!

Using the fireplace in the living room as her “camp” since it could pose as a campfire… Then you get the warmth and the smell of good old campin’.

Get an old dutch oven that looks like the old pots they used to cook over the fire. What is in it, you ask?  Baked beans-what else?  Grab a glass that looks a bit like a mason jar for your “moonshine.”

She burnt the beans a bit stating it adds to the ambiance! For their dinner, they had a huge meal-cowboy food of course-on camping plates.

Then if you want you can grab these crazy bottle labels below from over at Oriental Trading.

Decorating is HUGE!!! Make or buy a big cactus and horse wall decorations to complete the camp scene then throw in an old Indian looking blanket for a bedroll.

Now you can snuggle up and enjoy the rest of the evening watching good ‘ol True Grit….

and don’t forget the John Wayne Monopoly too!

How fun!! I, myself, don’t know much about John Wayne, so this date would be super educational for me. Thanks Nicole!! We love the creativity!!

* * *

Remember if you are planning a fun date or idea you want to share with us {we LOVE highlighting fun and creative ideas!!} make sure you take some pictures to send with it. Then under the contact us tab, you can “submit your idea”…or click HERE to submit it.

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2 Responses to “John Wayne-Themed Date”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    Fun idea, Nicole! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Kari Kari says:

    So fun! Love the old west theme and dutch oven is one of my favorite camping foods! Soo delish. And there are lots of dutch oven recipes online that are to die for! Great date idea!

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