April 26, 2011

Guest Blogger: A Little Tipsy


We are thrilled to welcome Michelle from the darling site, A Little Tipsy! Michelle’s site is full of fun, creative and inexpensive ideas that are sure to put a smile on your face! Without further delay….here’s Michelle!

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Hi! I’m Michelle from A Little Tipsy.  I am so excited to be here with date your one! I love all their creative date ideas and have fun browsing through them to liven up our “post kids” date nights.

I am a SAHM of two boys (3 and 5 months) who has a love for cereal treats, nutella, and bargain shopping. Swing by to find creative projects you can do during nap time for less cash than lunch out. One of my goals for the new year was to go out on a planned date once a month. Well, we’ve upped the ante and decided that on those weeks that we do not go out, we will do a date in after the kiddos are asleep. We are taking turns planning it and it was my week last week. While driving to pick up the hubs from work, the CD player rotated to Monster Ballads and I was totally inspired. I know, inspired from the music of big hair bands. But I was! I decided it would be so fun to plan a 90′s date since that was during both of our high school years. While pondering what to do I came up with the date theme, “What if we had met in high school.” We always joke about it, so why not pretend for the night?  It started out with this gym bag full of basketball attire for the hubs. I took inspiration from our actual high school lives. There was a note inside that said, “While I was at drill team practice, I noticed you at basketball practice across the hall.” We both got dressed in the appropriate attire, he in his basketball uniform (the actual jersey saved from high school) and me in my Rockette sweatshirt (I dug out from the depths of my closet) and yoga pants.

Once we were clothed in our high school duds he found a note in the pocket of his shorts that said, “You have to see her again. You go ask her if she is going to Kevan’s party tonight.” (Kevan was one of his best friend’s in HS)  I, of course, said I was. I instructed him that the family room was Kevan’s house and I got my standard HS party food and met him there.

I sat down by him on the couch and we looked over the selection of movies/TV. On TV, so appropriately recorded by my Tivo, was Seinfeld, Friends, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Saved by the Bell. You could also have a selection of movies like Strange Brew, Princess Bride, So I Married an Axe Murderer, etc. While watching TV and after the hilarious “put your hand on the couch and stretch out your finger so they will hold your hand” (initiated by the hubs, good role playing babe!), he found the note I had previously placed in the bag of chips. It read, “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to Sadie Hawkins with me?” For those of you who don’t know, Sadies is a girls choice dance where you wear matching shirts. So into the matching shirts we changed as the sound of 90′s rock ballads filled the air. We danced in the kitchen and shared our funny tricks and memories from dance days gone by. On the “sound system” was a note that read, “You are going to remember this night, head over to get your pictures taken.” This is when the real fun started. These were the best of the HS dance date poses.
After our little photo shoot with the timer, there was a note that read, “This date has been great, do you dare go in for the kiss?” Ironically enough, he had already kissed me by this point. He snuck one in while we danced. But, that about sums it up. Hope you enjoyed this trip back in time! I know we did, we had some serious fun on this “at home” date! Thanks again to date your one for letting me visit and I hope you will stop by soon!
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Thanks for sharing Michelle! Be sure to check out A Little Tipsy today!

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  1. What a FUN, FUN idea …. you’re the best, Michelle!

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