September 11, 2012

The Color Code



The People Code, by Taylor Hartman (originally titled The Color Code) has quickly become one of the most popular personality profiles around. In this date, you and your spouse can utilize this book to learn more about your innate personality, your motives, strengths/weaknesses and most of all – how to improve your relationship.

Step 1: Invite

Present your spouse with this colorful FREE PRINTABLE INVITE on your chosen date night.

Step 2: Gather your materials.

You will need:

      • A copy of The People Code by Taylor Hartman (or The Color Code book which is the original title and is almost exactly the same) You can find either book at your local library, bookstore or you can buy it online.
      • For an absolutely FREE date night – you can access the quiz via the internet (see instructions below!) and use the internet to Google descriptions of each personality.
      • Colorful treats to snack on during your date. I chose Skittles, Starbursts & M&Ms but your options are endless!
      • Notepad and pen
      • Optional  True Colors Game

Step 3: Take the personality quiz. 

There are two ways that you can take the quiz.

Option #1 If you have the book, you can find the quiz inside with all instructions. The quiz consists of 30 multiple choice questions in which you choose the adjective that most describes you. My favorite was, “Are you indecisive?” I got stuck on that one for a long time. :) Following the multiple choice section, you are presented with 15 situations in which you choose the response that best describes how you would respond.

Option #2 Take the free personality quiz online at The quiz appears to be the exact same as in the book and the results are sent to your email.

Step 4: What does it all mean? 

After you have taken the quiz and determine your results, it is time to start learning about what it all means! In Taylor Hartman’s personality profile, he classifies personalities into four colors: red, blue, white & yellow. Each color has core motives that drive choices and behavior.

Red - Power Wielders

Blue - The Do-Gooders/Connectors

White – The Peacekeepers

Yellow - The Fun Lovers

Each personality comes with their own strengths and weaknesses and each color personality blends differently with another. Use the book’s chapters to learn more about what your color personality entails. For this date, I personally recommend if you have the book, to read p. 147-158, “Understanding the Color Connections,” where the author focuses specifically on what each personality can expect when interacting with another personality.

To give you a sneak peak – here are the titles for the various combinations:

Red/Red – Fireworks

Red/Blue – Blood, Sweat & Tears

Red/White - Fire & Ice

Red/Yellow - Friendly Fire

Blue/Blue - Close & Comfortable

Blue/White – Gentle Persuassion

Blue/Yellow - Hand in Glove

White/White - Peace & Tolerance

White/Yellow - Gentle Fun

Yellow/Yellow - Sparkle & Shine

I think it is important to remember that “any color can successfully marry any other color” and that this book merely is identifying “specific benefits and consequences of each and every union” (p. 147-148) so don’t stress if your blend isn’t perfect. No marriage is ever going to be perfect, but we can sure try to get as close to that as we can! :)

Step 5: Play Time

To add just a little more color to your evening, you may want to play one of my all time favorite games: True Colors. In this revealing game, players read a question card that asks about character traits of those in the group and players cast their votes. Questions might be something like, “A bit on the gullible side. Who is ready to buy anything they see advertised on TV?” or  ”Who’s wearing socks that should’ve been tossed out a year ago?” The game is meant for a group setting, adding in in an additional vote as to how many people you think voted for you, however my husband and I adapted it to two players by simply reading the cards and revealing our answers omitting the secondary vote.

For another great read that adds insight to your personality and improves your relationship, check out our Rockin’ Review of  The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

I hope you enjoy this date night as much as we did and remember:

“In the end, the quality of your life comes down to the relationship you develop. Successful lives are always illustrated by successful relationships. Learn how to make your personality work for you in the various relationships you currently experience” (The People Code p.148)

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